Steem Cameroon Best day Contest - 07/05/2021


My fellow steemians,
I am so delighted to be among those sharing about their best day for the just concluded week via this amazing contest organized by our very noble community @steem-cameroon, sincerely, this weekly contest has really been an amazing one as it helps to keep all the users in this amazing community busy at all time. Without too much of talk I want to share with you my best day. Cheers!!! as you read through.

My Best Day (07/05/2021)

It all started this way. Months ago, my father gave me some money and asked me to keep it safe for him that he will be needing it at anytime. I kept the money in question for about two (2) months and he never asked of it. I went and I reminded him about the money and he said he still remembered but he won't be using it anytime soon. When he said that, many thought came into my mind.

The first was should I go and deposit this money in the bank? But after much taught, I realised that if I deposit the money in the bank, banks will remove charges almost every month. And the money will be decreasing instead of increasing. I will be the one to pay for the lost.

So I decided to go for the second option which is investing it in to steemit. It was #60,000. So I used the money and the little SBD I had and bought 280 steem. This incidence took place 16 days ago. After buying the steem I powered up the account. I did so because I intend getting more curation reward as I vote on daily basis.


Five (6) days ago, that is Thursday last week, my father called me and demanded for the money he gave me. Hmmmmm! I was really short of words as regards what to tell him but as God will have it he said he want to see the money before the end of the weekend. I was so confuse because there was no any source I can rise that amount of money in that short possible time. I thought of powering down but I won't still beat the target I was so confuse.

Friday been the 7th day of May 2021, as I was contemplating and thinking of what to do and how to rise the money, I login into my steemit account and behold what I saw.


I was overwhelmed with joy because that was really an answered prayer. Those post are to payout the next day. I was so happy and that was how that day became my best day for the week. On the next which is the payout day I cashed out the money and took the money to him. He was able to beat the target of paying the money in the right source.


Finally, I am so happy for that day cause it has help to stop disagreement between my father and myself. More also extra charges was not incurred as he was able to beat the deadline. Thanks to @steem-cameroon for giving me the opportunity to share with you guys my best day for the just concluded week.

Thanks for reading...

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