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Hello guys,
It's indeed a pleasure to write about my best day. I am super excited to share with you guys my best day and what made it my best day. I must sincerely appreciate @steem-cameroon for this wonderful opportunity that it has offered me to share about my best day.

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My Best Day

My best day was on 04/04/2021. This faithful day is indeed a day I can never forget in a hurry. On this faithful day, a whole lot of good things happened to me and I will briefly discuss a few of them here.

First and foremost, on this faithful day, someone who has been owing me money for a very long time and I have even forgotten about it just surprised me by sending the money to me as if he knew that I was in dim need of money at that moment so that made my day.

Secondly, one of my posts was visited by @booming04 on that faithful day and I had a very surprising vote, which also got me very excited and my joy on that day continue to multiply.

Thirdly, I received an email response from a scholarship board which I applied since 2020 that is last year. The response I got was that I have passed the first phase of the test and I am invited for a face to face interview which will be coming up by next month which is 20/05/2021. So my joy was very complete on that faithful day witthis good newsws.

Lastly, I did my seminar defence on that faithful day and from the response, I got from my lecturers I was so excited because they said I made the best presentation on that day. So I was even given some students to train them on how to do a proper presentation. That made me very happy.

On my defence day


In conclusion, I want to say my day went perfectly very well and I was so happy because everything on that day worked for my good. The good news I got on that faithful day was overwhelming so I am so glad to share with you all my experience for that day.

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