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Daily Steem Price Update 29/11/2021

Good day Steemian and welcome to today's Steem price update for 29/11/2021.
I have been posting the Steem price update since almost the very beginning of back in 2016 along with other content.
Many have came here to discuss the daily Steem price's and recent STEEM changes for over 5 years.

If you tire of addictively looking at the charts every few minutes then instead just relax and look here for the average STEEM price for your daily plan or strategy.
And even if you are not planning to do anything with your STEEM I still recommend checking out these updates every so often.
So without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price for 29/11/2021.

Should you be trading with STEEM today...?


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We are of course now wanting to reach the big 30k mark and you may have already noticed that the price as started to rise and while this is great news "as I believe it's held really well against Bitcoin falling abit" it does however make it more difficult to reach our new target depending on how SBD's hold up. Leaving us your best upvote below doing this it helps not just me but you also as I have never powered down "not even once since I began on Steemit 5 years ago". November started initially chilly which was expected but a week later it got pleasant, however when the cold did return it was much colder. This is especially true in the late evenings and so I believe the scarf and gloves are now a must now, luckly the wind was not as bad today but the air is ice cold. I spoke about a problem receiving messages from a particular friend, I thought the problem had fixed it's self but we have both realised I was still not receiving messages and while I thought it may have finally fixed itself I'm beginning to have doubts again. Think this Sunday people were still feeling abit like it's black Friday which is supposedly a day you can go out and get some amazing deals. I didn't work Sunday and so went out with a friend to do some of that Christmas shopping that we both wanted, well mostly them. They found some really good deals on some of the things they wanted but as for me I did struggled but this is because I had much less to get. Today I had work started in the afternoon I was a little annoyed as it seemed I had just arrived as a pile of work came in but checking the work load better I noticed it was not much and to make it even better my boss left early like about 10 mins after I got in he was gone and so leaving the rest of the day to be rather chill. At least when I got into work the other day it didn't seem like staff were as busy when you compare it to Friday "which is good". I wasn't doing my usual work which is what I feared but infact it turned out to work in my favour as there was alot less work to be done from our end. Not only that but what made the day even better was that my boss had left early. Which is great because like always "and I don't know why" but every black Friday my boss seems to think that he's presence is needed "it's infact the opposite" but he will spent the whole day out of the office wondering around everywhere and just hovering. It's especially weird and creepy when he's doing it near the corridors pretending to check messages on he's phone but really just watching us. Still I'm surprised by how much time he's taken off lately "something doesn't feel right about it" but for all I care he can take as much time off as he likes, nobody wants him there. I wont be going to this years "Work Christmas Party" as there isn't really much of a reason for me to go this time, plus on the last party I feel there were various reasons as to why it wasn't all that great. I told the guy organising it I would let him know, but should of just said no. Spoke to one of the girls about it she had the same feeling that it isn't going to be great this year as all the fun people have left. She also told me that these people were not allowed to attend because our boss as made it strictly only for those who are currently working there now. So the girl I spoke to said she might even do her own party where everybody is invited, both those from past and present like this I would more likely attend. As for the Christmas gifts having gone shopping on Sunday should of been enough, it's just I'm missing some lesser gifts that would not be found at the shopping centre, actually I lie they are there it's just much more expensive versions lol and I'm only after some simple gifts. I was thinking of perhaps going this week to buy them but it's just not been possible so hopefully next week as I should have some easier shifts. It's just I must remember to get this done soon as I don't want to leave it too late. As for the progress on fitness, I feel I lost about %70 of the weight put on by the lockdowns and so have continued to try to shed it off with tracking my step count per-day and doing small daily workouts. I started all this back in mid April and continued until the beginning of October as my work schedule makes it too difficult now for me to continue. This is unfortunate as it's when I started trying the "hit" way, but with all this extra work lately I come to the conclusion that for now I might just have to put it on hold until New Year is over, hopefully by then I should be working less. I will of course still try and see if I can get in any workouts, so far this as not worked out. As for steps we started the week great and so having reached a total today of 34k steps, out of the 105k weekly target, last week I would of gone over target but twice my tracker stopped working on 2 differed day's this was when I would of been gaining the most steps for the day.


๐Ÿ… We reached "๐Ÿฌ๐ŸฌQuinTUBLE DOLPHIN๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿฌ" on November 7th which means our collective STEEM POWER is now over ๐Ÿ’ช25000 SP!! There are around 500 Quintuple Dolphin accounts now and if you remember the previous numbers this means that the actual number of Dolphin accounts as been growing since my journey began between 20k to 25k, this is great news and I guess obvious as the price of Steem as indeed risen since then. So all together we hold around 12mil Steem, you joining us or what? Of course from here we will continue to collect and lock-up even more STEEM! My goal ๐ŸŒ is to now reach 30.000 SP๐Ÿ†, hopefully by the end of June 2022. And so I want to thank everybody who does vote in and for their kind support. I have now been on here for over 5 years and never powered downโœ”๏ธ not once!! ๐Ÿšซ, I also continue to invest into STEEM with small quantities using my own fiat currencyโœ”๏ธ, your votes can help with this also. This essentially means that your votes are safe with me and help to retain STEEM's value, and since now being a "Top 300 Steem-Power Holder" it's beginning to count. Your votes may even help make it go higher in the future with plans for purchasing even more STEEM along the way. Last year on November 24th we totalled 15.000, then on Nov 7th we reached 25.000! And so if you want to help me on this quest for "locking away 30000 Steem Power" with the intention to support and retain more of it's value ๐Ÿ‘‰ then please consider leaving your best vote below.

Always do your own due diligence the above is only a opinion.

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Our Ship Is Now Quintuple Dolphin Powered ๐Ÿ†

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