Daily Steem Price Update 23/3/2021

Good day Steemian and welcome to today's Steem price update for 23/3/2021.
I have been posting the Steem price update since almost the very beginning of Steemit.com back in 2016 along with other content.
Many have came here to discuss the daily Steem price's and recent STEEM changes for now over 4 years.

If you tire of addictively looking at the charts every few minutes then instead just relax and look here for the average daily STEEM price for your daily plan or strategy.
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So without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price for 23/3/2021.

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Heading towards the end of March the weather will hopefully continue improving we had about a week ago this crazy storm which washed away most of the cold but did bring in some really strong winds. But now that the storm as cleared the cold started to creep but this past week the weather as been nicer with the sun shinning but it's still been relatively cold like today in the middle of the day was even a little warm but later it was very cold again. Since my return to work I have not seen my colleague who I believe as recently lost a family member so understandable. I was off today with the intentions of meeting a friend earlier so that I could return earlier to jump on a online call later. But meeting my friend ended up happening almost at the usual time, now normally that is my fault but this time she was the one who was being a little late. While I did return home a little earlier I don't think I will have enough time to jump on that call and I'm not even sure if I'm in the right state of mind to do so. Yesterday colleagues were complaining about how long its taking for them to get vaccinated and how they can't wait until it's all over, I just wouldn't be too sure it's all over once people have their vaccine. We also had the departure of Harry who had got fired recently apparently he got caught on the phone with a personal call rather than a work related one. If your thinking that's abit extreme to be sacking someone over that I feel the same but I'm convinced our boss is using him as an example of what happens to those who get caught and I reckon it probably wasn't the first time old Harry had got caught on the phone. I also don't know why they are avoiding communication, I understand the virus but you are still walking and talking to each other during work, plus they continue to do reports and checks on people which requires feedback. A perfect example was the other day when a superior came up to me stating that our boss wanted things done in a particular way. My point is there is still feedback between people so really there is no excuse for them not to just to tell me something rather than writing it in a email. I also need to try and see if I can find anything for Easter since the stuff as been out since before valentines day... But I always seem to have this problem that when I look for the Easter eggs closer to the actual time of Easter only the broken ones on the shelves remain. I was also able to pick-up part on my new curtains, I basically need two pairs of curtains in different sizes and so part one that covers the larger area as already arrived, now it's just finding the right day to put them up . Still regardless of still working during this lockdown I have noticed some weigh was gained, and so I have been trying to shed some of the weight off. And will continue to do so until either work get's too hectic again which I'm expecting it to happen during the summer or when everything opens up..if it ever does. Yesterday and now today I missed out on my workout, hopefully can catch it tomorrow. Also while off I tried the old retro Captain Planet game which yes is based from the cartoon series but I don't think I like it, it's got some interesting ideas but the control seems bad, sure there was mostly bad reviews but often time's the games aren't as bad when you know a few tricks but I think also to blame is it's very boring levels, it's hard to explain the look great but they are boring or just downright annoying. Anyway so the guy from across the road to me who likes to make noise with he's car struck again recently when he woke me at 5 in the morning with he's car. I then saw him the other day as I was coming in home from work, he was working on he's car as he often does, and it sure would be nice if for once he would fix the bloody noise it makes, but clearly he didn't because as I wrote the post he had the car running outside making a noise for 20 minutes, they had been out there for over 3 hours in the dark using flashlights, guess they couldn't wait until it's light lol. They then must of gone for dinner but it didn't end there as he came back out "twice" to just run he's car making a noise, lol he didn't even drive anywhere, just sat in he's car with the motor making noise.

I had been diving more into Tron as I wanted to learn more of it's basics, I then looked into "Tron Stacking", even done a few votes with my frozen Tron. After a few days I then went back to check on how my votes done and noticed that I had successfully earned a little Tron, well a whole $0.01 Tron lol. I tried again but only made $0.01 worth again lol. But still even with that I'm curious of it's potential and so I might see if I can find some more Tron and do a few more votes to see if I can increase how much Tron I earn. But for the moment I wait and watch Steem for when might be the next best opportunity to strike 🥊 or in other words buy more Steem. But Steem as been going in the opposite direction, even shockingly seen at $0.80 so it looks like I might have to wait a little longer. Or perhaps we wont even see Steem fall back to $0.16, could this mean time is running out for the gathering of cheap Steem? Many seem to think we will see Steem hitting $0.85 to around $1 by June well we already hit over $0.85 on March 23th. Also the Steemit Crypto Academy as really gained some momentum with many people joining in for the 6th weekly update and doing all their "homework tasks" did you know you are actually allowed to follow as many of the courses as you want? Which you could be rewarded for taking part with upvotes from the steemcurator01 or steemcurator02 accounts? Yes so go check it out Steemit Crypto Academy, it's basically one of the most educative programs running on Steemit with 5 professors with different topics within the cryptoverse. So while the rest of the world is in lockdown you would think there are no Steem Meet-ups happening well you would be wrong, there was the Steem Meetup in Aceh, Indonesia 21 March, curious? Well further details about the Krueng Meureudu river Event can be found here Aceh STEEM EVENT Krueng Meureudu and yes it was literally by the river, many supported the event including the steemcurator01 steemcurator02 accounts.

💚We saw recently in March STEEM almost reached $0.90 but unfortunately even with these insane 💰$55000 Bitcoin prices STEEM as continued to not move much, which is a shame as people should be investing into this great coin as you can do so much more with it, but it does mean I can keep collecting it at a cheaper price for myself🤷‍♂️. Or maybe not for much longer as we are seeing Steem actually reach above £0.85! This is interesting as the rise back in November 2018 was the last time we really saw Steem around this value, yeah that was a long time to wait to see these heights again. Strangely it's been mostly holding around the $0.40 mark but we are now finally seeing some movement and it looks to continue going upwards. The lowest Steem price this year as been $0.15 and the highest $0.87 which broke this years record on Mar 23th. It would be nice to see if this year Steem can atleast hold above $0.17 for most of 2021. Still this brings opportunity as it's a great price to "power-up" your account, if you are under 10000 SP you may want to consider getting some, I don't say this as a way to improve your financial situation but rather to enjoy the benefits of having Steem, like speeding up your account's Steem accumulation or how much Tron you gain and other general tasks etc, as after-all a small bump in the price with those holding's would bring-in some nice noticeable benefits.

💛 We reached "🐬TRIPLE DOLPHIN🐬" in November last year which means our collective STEEM POWER is now over 💪15000 SP!! There are around 616 Triple Dolphin accounts, and if you add all those up "it's ALOT of Steem Power" like nearly 10mil, you going to join us or what? We will of course continue to collect and lock-up even more STEEM! My goal 🌍 now is to reach 20.000 SP🏆, hopefully by June 2021. But due to the Steem price rise and if it holds I don't see this happening, unless we get a few more whale upvotes in these coming months, but so far this week we have done really well and we are now into the final big stretch. But I want to thank everybody who does vote in, and for their kind support. I have now been on here for over 4 years and have never powered down✔️ not once!! 🚫, I also continue to invest into STEEM in small quantities✔️, your votes can help with this also, but essentially all of this means that your votes are safe with me and help to retain STEEM's value, since being a "Top 400 Steem-Power Holder" it's beginning to count, your votes may even help make it go higher in the future with plans for purchasing more STEEM. We totalled 7.841 SP at the end of 2019 and reached 15.000 on November 24th and so if you want to help me on this quest "locking away 20.000 Steem Power" with the intention to support and retain more of it's value 👉 then please consider leaving your best vote below.


✺ The covid19 madness continues with us in lockdown number 3 at level 5, whatever that means no one even talks about levels anymore. ✺The government continues with it's roadmap with 5 week gaps between opening up certain sectors, schools have re-opened and children flood the streets, no social distancing of course. But before they could return to school each child had to have a covid test. They will now for each week have two covid tests taken, I actually feel abit sorry for them having to take those tests twice a week and I wonder if this is going to be the same for when the other work sectors re-open. If you have done a covid test you will know they aren't exactly comfortable. I have now friends saying they have received news they will be returning back to work next month on the 12th. The government often states that we are doing well listening to their rules for staying indoors? But yet I see people out everywhere, insane traffic and crowds, it made headlines in the papers and so I wonder if this will affect when we are to open in June? The mass vaccination process continues it's now been said that half of all adults have had the first jab, but not so much the 2nd jab? Guess it's just not that important anymore yet they told us it must be taken within the first few weeks from the initial shoot. And once that is done it's off they go to vaccinate all the homeless people.. wait what? Yup the homeless people and I do find that a little strange, because usually nobody cares much for the homeless but suddenly they are all to be given special "jab priority". I also find it interesting that there are many in the health sector who were refusing to take the vaccine regardless of working with patients who have covid. They also mentioned visits to work spaces that have over 50 people working to give them their jabs. They then want to give employers powers to sack staff who refuse to be vaccinated, which I don't see how that is giving people a choice..🤷‍♂️? It's been announced most people will be going back to work in April while in June everything will re-open, that's if everything goes well in the meantime. But there are many getting tired of all this covid nonsense and so many protests are arising. The most effective vaccine was said to be around %95 effective but it's also being reported to be far less and I have seen the government often state that they themselves "even after all this testing" don't know exactly how effective it is against the virus. ✺ Also the Oxford vaccine in some countries is now being paused because apparently it maybe causing blood clots for many people. But yet they keep pushing for people to take it and we might also have to take many more jabs for all the different variants and a yearly one also, I mean seriously how many needles is a person going to have to take? At the moment if you were one of the first people to get vaccinated I counted it would be 5 jabs all together. How will our bodies react to so much of this stuff being pumped into us I wonder? These companies must be rolling in our money👍. Other reports suggest it's time that the government take a good hard look at what exactly it is they are rolling out. They firstly said this was a "cure" then that it could possibly protect those who take it for up to 9 months, later they said it's only for 5 months.. well 5 "maybe" they said. Scientists have told us even with the vaccine you can still catch covid and you can still pass it on to others. At the end of the day we simply don't know that much about the jab yet, it did seem very rushed and why aren't we doing this for all the other thing's that are killing even more people? Did anybody see the death count graph? It shows us that the main people getting killed by covid are those who are over 70, as for everybody else the count is low. I also saw another graph that for once actually showed the number of people recovered from covid and most would show a %97 chance of survival and as for the deaths if you took the number of people who are normally dying anyway the numbers roughly match which is interesting especially of you would put most of those deaths down to covid 19 which of course was not why the died. There is a guy in government who wanted people to take the vaccine or get shut out from society by not giving them access to any businesses, meaning you wouldn't be able to buy food, attend a school, watch movies at the cinema or travel anywhere, to which I then don't see how exactly this would be giving the public the choice?🤷‍♂️ He changed his mind about that statement but the direction in which thing's are progressing it's clearly in the pipeworks as Mr Bill Gates is said to be working on the technological system for a vaccination type passport, plus Gates also continues to warn us that the next pandemic 😈 is going to be far worse.?? ✺ Still out of nowhere there seems to be a huge demand for covid passports/green-passes even if the government had previously stated it wouldn't do such a thing? They have hinted they are being bullied by other countries to comply, and so refuse and be cut out from those who have abided. The country seems divided with around %50 saying we shouldn't need covid passports to go into a cinema, club or pub, you also have parents who are angry with the suggestion that children shouldn't need to wear masks. I have worked all during this crisis as our company used a loophole within the system to keep us all working despite our government stating that all non-essential work places must shut-down, it was either work or be fired kind of attitude. The food 🍔🍒 shortage problems don't seem to be doing much better either, I'm still going into shops and seeing many empty shelves, something isn't right. ✺ Not only that but I'm noticing other things are becoming difficult to obtain, like ovens, microwaves, printers, laptops, gaming accessories and I'm sure there are other things, while it's got a little better lately it will hopefully be corrected once lockdown rules continue to ease, if that ever happens.

Always do your own due diligence the above is only a opinion.

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