In the shades of brown ^_^

Today was a strange day for me. The change of the weather during these first days of Autumn make me feel with low energy and my mood is not so ok as usual, so I enjoyed a long walk along the fields in the land of the father of my hubby. 

Sure, I sketched something to exercise my hands as I use to do every day, but nothing nice to show you. When my energy is low,  my imagination works slow but don't worry, after the dinner I'll start a new painting, so tomorrow I could show you a new artwork ^_^

Today I want to share with you some pics I took close the house of the dad of @paolobeneforti: a group of mushroom picked and placed there. I don't know this kind of mushroom and I don't know if they are edible or not, bit someone picked up them and I was very intrigued by their shades of colors:

In my artworks I love to use different shades of brown and I use this color also to make some color less brilliant, so you can understand why I'm so intrigued by something like this group of mushrooms.

Well, time for dinner, see ya soon and steem on,


silvia beneforti

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silvia beneforti

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