"The old house"

This is a bulgarian house from the 19th century. This old woman lives there. She is at age 93. Her name is Hope. I painted this painting last year. It was interesting to me to talk to her. This woman take care of her garden. She has an energy to do it. I think this is a reason to live, to find a meaning to live in the simple things. This place is located in Jhelen, the village in Bulgaria. I have a villa there. It's in the heart of the mountain. Most of the people have died. Because of that there are so many abandoned houses.The next generations prefer to live in the big cities, because they have more opportunities to to find a good job to develop themselves.I love to paint a such houses. It reminds me of the past. I imagine what it was. This old houses were built of mud and wooden beams. Sometimes I feel a nostalgy, because this village had given a good opportunities for living...

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22.09.2019 09:55

very beautiful, painting :)
прекрасна е! ;)
и напълно се усещат преживяванията!

26.09.2019 09:45