"Open page"

This drawing opened a new page in my life. Every page is a stair. It brings an optimistic mood. My husband bought it, because it's his favorite illustration :).

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Hello silver.art!

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13.09.2019 23:27

this is beautiful xx

14.09.2019 20:39

Thank you very much!

17.09.2019 15:55

This is a truly beautiful piece, @silver.art! I'm so glad @georgeboya pointed me in your direction, and I appreciate you replying to my email! Look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous pieces here on the blockchain! 😊

15.09.2019 06:44

Thank you, traciyork! I appreciate it!!!

17.09.2019 15:57

You're very welcome, @silver.art! Just saw your most recent post, and it's even more gorgeous than this (if such a thing is possible). 😊

17.09.2019 16:20