"Madonna with a child"


This painting is a special one to me, because it shows the contemporary world, world of war and suffering. First i started to paint the face of the woman. Sometimes I use a famous face to create my own heroes. This time I choose Penelope Cruz face. It's very interesting to me when the people recognize the famous faces, because it's like an interactive game between me and them. It's very important to me to choose the right face to create my own hero and express what i feel.

madonnawith a child.jpeg
The second step was to create the halo and the shroud. The mountains are red, this is simbolistyc, because we know that the red colour is associated with blood.


Here is the second step, where I painted the boy. I used a typical wellknown composition. Choosing to create the halos of cartridges makes the painting more have more influence.


The finnal step was to finnish the painting. This is a desert with white-yellow sand, red mountains. The faces of Madonna and a child are serious. like they express the feeling of an oncoming storm. The dimensions of this acrylic paint artwork are 2020 cm high/ 1000cm wide.
I live with hope and believe that the World can be a place where we can live in piece and love.
Have a wonderful day!

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Hi silver.art,

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10.08.2019 20:05

Omg! What an incredible art, you deserve a lot of applause, totally beautiful♡♡♡

10.08.2019 22:32

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!!! <3

11.08.2019 08:07

Lovely work. I too, dream with a peaceful and just world.
I applaud your original approach to classic compositions with modern/contemporary models.
I love Penelope Cruz. She is very expressive, multifaceted, and beautiful. The Madona motif is complex and has a history of hidden symbols. You've done a great job keeping that tradition.

11.08.2019 00:05

Thank you very much!

11.08.2019 08:15

11.08.2019 16:02

This is a beautiful painting. Before I read your post I thought that her face was very familiar and then there it was. It's Penelope Cruz! :)

I like that you made the mountains red. It's a nice detail of symbolics as you mentioned. I also like that the whole painting is made with dark colors. I find it powerful.

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

12.08.2019 07:28