Motherhood is a new experience for me. I'm trying to find the time to paint. "This is stolen time", as my friend and artist said. I have so many ideas to realize. Nevermind sometimes I'm sleepy, I prommised myself when I have spare time I'd use it for my art. This is my latest portrait. I gave it that name, because this is a new period for me and my baby.

I always wanted to get more experience in making portraits. The real master is trying to catch the look of the model. Once
I've discussed it with a friend that when you look at the eyes of a portrait you can see a small part of the model's soul. I tried giving a symbolic meaning to the opened door - sometimes we have to open and let a new and unexpected thing come. The new thing wich happens is like a curious child who wants to explore many things.
I bought a putty to paint the old door. I haven't used putty for a long time. I couldn't go to the art shop, because I was busy with the baby, I made a sketch of the putty that I wanted instead of using numbers for its size. My husband bought it by using the sketch to demonstrate what size I needed. I remembered the time when I used a putty and worked on my artpieces in an expressive way.

This is a step from the process.

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