"Crashing waves"

This is my latest painting. I published two steps. I painted it with oil colors on canvas. It's difficult to paint waves, but I want to learn it no matter the result. So I was sitting on the beach trying to freeze the moment with every crashing wave. I was thinking about the masters of the art in the centuries when photography had not appeared yet. Thinking about one Picasso's thought wich sounds "I paint what i can not paint". This is a long journey. Sometimes it makes you wondering if there is a meaning of what you do or what you've done. Sometimes it gives you meaning go further. I wanted to share my thoughts here. Sometimes it's worth it! Have a wonderful monday. Don't forget that always you can find a reason to make someting that makes you happy!

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12.08.2019 12:37

Beautiful painting and love the loose brush strokes. It reminds me that I should paint from real life more often

13.08.2019 06:19

Thank you! Yes, you should do it! :)

13.08.2019 08:20

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13.08.2019 13:55

un hermoso trabajo artístico, alegra el corazón ver esta obra con sus matices

13.08.2019 17:30


15.08.2019 23:23