This is the last sea painting from the summer... I painted it on the sea coast. It reminds of the childhood when I spent many vacations with my parents. It was carefree time...

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Beautiful work, silver.art! I can almost smell the salty air! 😊

02.10.2019 17:05

Thanks for the great resteem! :)

02.10.2019 17:37

Thanks in return for noticing, @ocdb! 😊

02.10.2019 19:01

I'm happy that you like it...:)

02.10.2019 17:39

And I'm happy you're happy... LOL!

I'm glad to keep telling you I'm happy if it means you continue to share your gorgeous creations, @silver.art. 😊

02.10.2019 19:03

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02.10.2019 21:46

Love the texture!! <3

03.10.2019 05:15