Is it time for a Music Tribe on Steem Engine?

I have been looking at this new trend on Steem these last few days. I wouldnt call myself an expert in the field but i think i can grasp the idea of whats going on. :)
Most of my posts i post to Palnet as well even though not many of my supporters are Palnet stake holders. When Whaleshares was created a few months ago i started posting there as well but because that took me away from Steem i stopped going there.

But what i see here with Tribes is a way to keep all the communities on 1 blockchain and simply give them their own space to grow. It is a huge upgrade to the tag system i think.

Palnet i found very general in focus, a tribe to start them all, SteemLeo is investment focused, even though it can incorporate opinions about the market and can be very general as well.
So what i would like to see is a niche specific Tribe for Musicians and music lovers. Make it only for original content.

I have been involved in the music scene here for a while. A year and a half. Creating music for @openmic, @dtube. Ive done a number of collabs and even found a producer im hoping to have a fruitful long term collaboration.

With all that said i think the music community here (i might be biased :) ) is the one with the most talented and underappreciated parts of the STEEM community.

Not only that but i think the music community here has the highest potential to spread the word about STEEM out of any other.

Think about it.

If a musician is rewarded here, if he/she is happy creating here, will they not go out and spread the word?

Musicians play gigs, they have audiences, they perform on live television, their music is played on the radio.
Musicians by definition are attention seekers. :D You seek where you can get more exposure and by the musician getting exposure, indirectly STEEM gets exposure as well.

Musicians have a great reach that i dont think anyone has tapped into because we are, honestly, slightly disorganized. hehe. Musicians are slightly on the margins as well because they dont really dabble with crypto topics a lot or join in on popular drama or topics that are widely discussed on the blockchain by influential steemians.

It is hard to get noticed in all the talk and you can only hope people will go look into the "Music" tag to run into your content.

But what if we had our own Tribe?
Where the focus would be only on music, where collaborations would thrive and projects be created? A place where those that want to find great music and great musicians can do so. Something more developed then a simple tag with its own rewards and its own rules.

Where musicians can be "in their own".

I dont know who to talk to, i dont know if someone already started this, but i can ping @luzcypher and see if he has some thoughts. :)

I will see you guys soon with my next video. Only a week away!! Hehe

Instead of doing 10 simple covers where i would make some money, im making 1 big video where i will lose a few hundred USD...Very smarts. :D

Working hard to get the audio ready. We shootin on saturday. Yeey. :D

Bye guys. :)

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08.07.2019 11:01

I love this idea of a music tribe... I think it could be done, for sure. Can’t wait to see the video!

08.07.2019 11:12

I cant wait as well. :D

Yep, i think we need a music tribe, but someone with influence on the chain would need to start it for it to not fail right away.

08.07.2019 13:57

I created the $MUSIC token and I think it could be used to as the coin to reward a musicians tribe.

If anyone is willing to help with development, it would be awesome since I lack the coding skills.

08.07.2019 14:16

I dont know if they would use the same token. But it really needs to be someone known. If you or me made it no one would be ready to buy it, no one would notice it. Someone that is influential needs to do it.
I do not know.

08.07.2019 17:56

I don't see it that way. It only needs to be endorsed by the "influential" steemians.

08.07.2019 18:25

Maybe... But sometimes the risk is that they endorse it and just leave because they arent "In-charge".
Give it a shot, maybe it would work.
I know that i wouldnt dare it without some big names supporting it.. :D hehe

08.07.2019 18:28

Yeah, in any case the first use of this token would as an utility smart contract:

At we are implementing a tokenized music distribution and promotion economy: the music will be distributed FROM the blockchain to the legacy music streaming and download outlets. For every piece of music distributed a smart contract will be issued resolving the issues of royalty allocation & collection, synchronization, licensing permissions, payments and every painful aspect of artist contract creation, submission signing etc.

Also, all actions (yes, like listening to our artists' music, leaving valuable promo feedback, playing the music on your podcasts/radio shows, promoting the music via social networks, etc) will be rewarded with crypto that you can stack or cash out.

In other words, you will get paid to listen to the music, for leaving valuable and meaningful feedback, for helping the labels promote the music by including it on your mixes and podcasts, and a plethora of many other nice things.

It'll be run on the best blockchain there is for any kind of applications: the STEEM blockchain, using the newly created MUSIC TOKEN.

That's the idea behind this token. The tribe may come later, or as an addendum to it.

08.07.2019 18:35

hey @greencross, please tell me more about this MUSIC token. I'm very interested in helping out.

26.01.2020 19:20

@recording-box I’d love to share the plan For the Music Token with you!. It’s pretty comprehensive and it solves many problems on nowadays’s music industry. How could we get in touch?

26.01.2020 22:10

Twitter: @recordingbox_GT; Telegram: @Alex_Rourke

27.01.2020 13:48

I think you nailed it @silentscreamer.

A music "tribe" for original creators is an excellent idea. Although not in that category myself, I know there are a ton of them out there. In fact, I have guy I use to work with who is probably the best guitarist I ever met in person and something like that could catch his attention.

Hopefully something comes out of this post and more ideas would be exciting to see grow on this platform.

08.07.2019 17:02

Thank you.

I think tribes make steem look a lot more like reddit then before, only better. :)
The biggest problem with this is that i dont know anyone that would be well suited to spearhead this.
There is no influential musicians on Steem with stake that are trusted by the community.
If i could find someone from the influential group that likes music but isnt a musician himself i would be more then willing to help out in creating this as much as i can. :)

I believe that if any community needs a tribe then its the musicians and music enthusiasts but the right person needs to stand behind this. I fear that an overzealous musician might start the scotbot but not have the background to carry it to success and it will simply wither away...

08.07.2019 18:07

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09.07.2019 19:56