What I have learned lately on steemit by @silencewan


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Hello everyone, I am much excited to be a participant in this wonderful contest brought up by one of our hardworking members on the steemit platform who is in the person of @mcsamm. I must say that I have always been mesmerized by the good works you to especially trying to coach the newbies on the steemit platform.

This contest is about what I have learned lately on steemit. So basically observations I have made lately concerning the steemit platform. I must say that there have been a lot of reforms made, though I joined the steemit ecosystem two months ago and from then until now I have seen that there has been a massive improvement concerning how things are being done now.

Newcomers Community

This is the community I would like to talk about as my starter. We all see the best works @cryptokannon has done in this community. Just to uplift the image of the steemit platform.

  1. We saw that lately there has been a massive recruit of Greeter Helpers in the community which has made the verification process a smooth one now.
    I quite remember when I was through with my achievement 4, it took me so long for my achievement 5 to get verified which I logged so many complaints. But I want to believe that such complaints really brought up this change which I must congratulate @cryptokannon for.
  2. I have also learned that newbies must always attach links to their achievement posts to any post they make so that they can get to know them better on the steemit platform.
  3. Moreso, the constant update of the notice board in the newcomer's community is another great thing that is really guiding newbies now on how to become better on the steemit platform.

Crypto Academy

This is also another community I would like to share what I have learned so far. This community is actually based on the knowledge you know about cryptocurrencies and so on.

  1. We saw that there was an increase in reputation before you could participate in any activity in the crypto academy (50 reputation which was 45 initially)
  2. Also, an increment in SP (Steem Power to 1000)
  3. We also saw that not all passes would be curated, you have to exceed a 5/10 mark before you can be curated which was not so initially
  4. Lastly, people powering down will not also get curated
  5. Plagiarism not being a thing. You will be kicked out of the community if you are fought of plagiarism three times.
    These reasons stated above are a result of some users using multiple accounts, so these new rules were placed to kick that out and also make a smooth run of the platform. I must say that it is really great these reforms were made, it has really boosted the activity of the community.

Promo-steem Community

This community has also done a great job lately to promote the stem ecosystem. It is done through rewarding users who do a great job in promoting steem.

  1. 5 posts are selected daily so users could get rewards from the sponsors of the community. note, only best contents written.
  2. In an attempt to build the stem coffee shop, 50% post payout should be dedicated to this community to raise the community.
  3. you must constantly make some power-ups before you can earn a reward of getting selected.

The ending plagiarism

This group is actually on the lookout to detect plagiarised content in the steemit platform. We see most at times users do not take their time to make their research and come out with unique content. They plagiarise from various sources which the steemit platform does not tolerate. So this group is on the lookout for plagiarized content and once you are fought. Your reputation and image are tarnished because they add you to the table of plagiarism.

Steemit Platform @large

  1. The recent recruit of new country representatives which we were lucky enough to have our brother @nattybongo being chosen. Congratulations to him
  2. Promoting steem through campus connect, from the hard work of @mcsamm, they have tried promoting steem through this means which has increased the user performance considering Ghana. I think if they selecting countries which stem is growing gradually and massively, we won't be left out.
  3. Also, meetings held on discord and on telegram by the Ghanaians admins have intensified in other to guide newbies and old users about new ways on the stem platform.
  4. Also, meet-ups organized by reps and users trying to promote steem have also intensified. I will like to use this opportunity to say that, there has been a meet-up scheduled for Saturday @UDS Nyankpala campus by some hard-working steemians which I am part too.
  5. Also, from the hard work of @fendit moderating the 500SP Minow support is another thing I have learned lately
  6. Also it was discouraged by country reps to stop tagging curators in their posts.

I would like to end my summary here, There are still so many things I have learned, which if I intend to pin down, it would be of much work reading. Thanks to you @mcsamm for this wonderful contest, I am really so happy to be part of this contest.

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All these take hard work, its identification helps you to be the best. I hope many people can learn also from your discoveries and help build a better community. Wishing you the best.

27.05.2021 16:25

Thank you so much
It’s a pleasure

27.05.2021 16:48

all these discoveries you have made shows that you are learning, keep it up

27.05.2021 17:49

Thank you Mr @collinz grateful for your remarks

27.05.2021 18:14

Well done, it was a good summary capturing almost everything, kudso

27.05.2021 23:04

Thank you so much. It’s really a pleasure

27.05.2021 23:17

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28.05.2021 07:27

Thank you

28.05.2021 09:42

You've made some very interesting and informative discoveries which shows you're a hard worker so keep up the good work.

28.05.2021 17:06

Thank you very much.

28.05.2021 17:32

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