Hello guys!!!

I really want to tell you guys the passion I have football.
I started playing football since when I was a kid. I grew up with football ever since I was a kid.

A lot of people in my community always encourage me to play football, and they always support me and keep telling me I can make it to the highest peak.


In my basic level, I play for my school. I scored about 30 goals and 12 assist. There was a competition they always Organised amoung schools.
In fact this competition I really can’t forget because, I took my school to the finals. The performance was awesome. We won that match and we took the cup.

In my high school level. I also performed well in all the competition they Organised between schools.
Football is always my passion and i always dream to be best player in future


I think football is game everyone should involve himself in. Football turns out to be a form of a great exercise so usually I don't have the issues of going to hospital or little complains here and there. I keep fit playing ball and doing my usual trainings.

Football is just good and also makes you happy when you are playing it. Also with football, football took me to a lot places and also I meet a lot of people I think of meeting in my life.


Football also help me to make more friends. I really love football and also they are lot of players I look up to. And that makes me to train very hard so that I can meet my dreams. I always go to training at the right time. And also I listen to my coaches anytime I go to training and also anytime I’m with my coaches.


In soccer or football, I believe before you can perform up to task you must have someone you look up too. A role model, someone who has done some much mysterious things in football which is why I choose C Ronaldo as my role model. I enjoy everything about him. From his foot works to physical ability. His really the Goat 🐐 as they call him in the soccer pitch.
Ronaldo is someone I'll love to meet and play like him some day.



Thank you for reading.

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more vim bro, keep pushing, your dream to be best player in future will come to pass.

21.04.2021 09:34