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Hope you all are doing well.I am here with the first homework for our new professor without any further delay lets get to it.


It is an electronic database of transaction which is verified by various computers in a peer to peer system.It is process of storing data with the maximam security,no one from outside can change or steal data.These are organisation which ensure the integrity of transactional data and is important part of many cryptocurrencies.
Record of transactions is kept in the form of blocks when one block reaches its capacity then it is chained with the previous block,in this way blockchain is generated.
I will be choosing etheruem and tron blockchain platforms to write about it.



It is decentralised,open source,blockchain based platform.'ether' which is its own cryptocurrency is dealt here on ethereum.It is very actively used platform.It was created by Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood in july 2015.It uses software EVM1 bytecode.It is platform where people can design and run smart contracts and distributed applications without any chance of downtime,third party involvment or fraud.Smart contracts are very helpful which makes the digital space automated and efficient as future events planning can be made with the help of codes.Ethereum is public and permissionless blockchain system where everyone involved in the systam has the access to see the transactions.Ethereum allows people to develop and deploy decentralid apps.



It is a decentralised blockchain based system.its purpose is to create a free global digital content entertainmemt system with distributed storage technology.Sharing of digital content is easy and cost friendly here on this platform.It was launched in september 2017 by the tron foundation(a singapore based non profit organization).It supports the token tronix(trx) you can pay or trade trx on this platform.Tron attempt to reduce the gap between creator and consumer with the help of blockchain and peer to peer network nology.


Comparison between ethereum and Tron

1)Ethereum is general platform where anykind of decentralised apps can be created but the tron platform is only limited to digital content platform.
2)Both are fully decentralised means there is no individual to control over them.
3)Both systems follow the decentralisation finance (defi) and permissionless system for the generation of ERC20 and TRC20 tokens.
4)Both systems are based upon 3 layer architecture.
5)Ethereum is ranked no 2 and tron's ranking is 18.Ethereum's market cap is also huge as compared to the tron.
6)tron's transaction speed is 15 seconds while ethereum takes upto 6minutes.
7)Price in terms of USD for ethereum is $2078.69 and for tron is $0.1282.
8)In terms of security and reliability both are almost similer.


In the end I will conclude by saying that we can only decide which is better according to our needs if someone goes for market cap,community support and security ethereum is best choice and if someone wants transaction speed scalability and advanced technology tron has the edge over ethereum.but to be honest no one knows exactly what will happen in future,which of them will be more successful or any other currency will over shadow them.
That is all from my side I hope I have justified my points.


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