Rice recipe


Zarda recipe one of the most popular traditional South Asian desserts of Pakistan. Zarda comes from Persian, and Urdu word ‘zard’ that means yellow. Meethe Chawal or Zarda Recipe is a sweet dish and top listed of every menu in weddings or many other occasions, its very simple to make at home by following the simple steps at Hamariweb.com. This name is therefore given due to yellow colored rice. Preparation of this amazing dessert requires boiled rice with orange food color, milk, sugar as the main ingredients. For decoration of Zarda raisins, almonds, pistachios, and cardamoms are used. Zarda Recipe by Zubaida Tariq is perfect to be served at your dining table. Mutanjan is also a variation of Zarda and is equally liked by masses. Zarda Recipe by Zubaida Tariq can be prepared at home and served at dinner parties as a dessert. Try it and do let us know how it turned out to be. Hide

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