Achievement 2 @shuvoprosad Task : Basic Security on Steem

Have I retrieved all my keys on steemit?

Obviously. I have stored it in a secured pendrive. I know that this keys are very important and I should not share it with anyone.

Functions and restrictions of the keys?

Every key has its own set of permissions or rights for what actions they are allowed to perform. One should always use the appropriate keys for the tasks they are doing like if you are posting/commenting you should only use posting to login into steemit.

Posting key

  • posting
  • Commenting
  • voting

As the name suggests posting key is used for making a post, commenting on others posts and voting. If you are going to writing a post/comment this key is enough. Joining community, up voting, following some one etc. basic tasks can be done using this key. Any financial fraud can not be done using this key.


Active key

  • Transferring money
  • Power Up/Down
  • Changing profile picture

One should only use his active key to transfer funds, powering up/Down or to change his personal details like profile photo. Because this key can control any fund transfers losing this key means losing all of your money. If some one gets their hands on this key they can steal all you money. So be careful about it.

giphy (1).gif

Owner key

  • Everything

It is the god of all keys. Everything can be done using it posting, funds transfer, power up literally all are permitted. The extra privilege's are witness voting (these are the people who maintain steem blockchain) , resetting all the other keys including the owner key itself. If someone finds out your owner key he can reset all your keys and you will lose your account forever cause stolen accounts are pretty hard to recover.


Saving the keys

The best way of storing the keys is not to store them in any drive, cloud storage, password protected folder, email or phone boook instead store it a physical medium. Writing the password in a paper or transferring it in to a pendrive it the best solution.

Transferring steem

giphy (3).gif

  1. Go to wallet
  2. Click on steem dropdown
  3. Write the receiver name in "To" field and money in the "Amount" field
  4. Click on transfer and enter your active key to transfer the money

Powering up steem

giphy (2).gif

  1. Go to wallet
  2. Click on steem dropdown
  3. Click on power up
  4. Enter the amount to be powered up
  5. Click on power up and enter your active key to power up

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