Sometimes childish behavior is suddenly created in oneself

Even two days ago, it rained heavily.In a hurry, it seemed as if nature had started to get hot again.Unbearable heat where the air of the electric fan is also getting hot.Today I am looking at the pictures of the last two days and I think the time was better than two days ago .

Thoughts like people's minds are very changing. I am thinking of a rainy day when I see it hot today. Maybe it will rain a lot tomorrow. Maybe I will think of hot weather again that day.Anyway, the environment is very hot so I am lightening my mind by showing the picture two days ago to cool my mine .20200623_15011901.jpeg
20200623_14592501.jpegI think if you can take a bath properly, you will get rid of fatigue at least a little bit.Even two days ago, when it was very hot, it seemed that it didn't feel good anymore.It will rain a lot but sometimes you can guess that when you see that the environment has become very hot, you will think that it will rain soon.
That's exactly what happened that day when it suddenly rained and it rained heavily.I couldn't control myself any more. I got wet in the rain after a long time. I got wet in the rain for a long time that day.
I may not remember how long it took to get wet in the rain, but all of a sudden I realized the childish behavior that started in my mind.But no matter what, for that time I took myself to another environment and felt a lot better within myself. However, sometimes you have to do a lot for your own good. However, for a short time, I went back to my childhood.
The time is going to be very difficult. Try to take care of your mental health. I am trying my best. You too will try and you will be fine.

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