Life in the midst of action

When I walk on the streets of this city, I catch a lot of things in my eyes and I try to capture them on my mobile phone because these things touch me terribly. I try to share those things with you. I have friends who like these things a lot of the time.I have said in the past that I share my thoughts with you through my stories and my pictures.

People actually survive at the end of the day through action and their life is spent through the Absolut.I respect every job because I am a working person myself so at the end of the day I have respect for all my work.In fact, every job has its risks and challenges and people try to succeed in every job with their own efforts. The gentleman in the picture is doing a really risky job. But for him to survive, this work is very important to him.The more I walk on the streets of this city, the more realistic images come to my mind. How many people are trying to survive, how many efforts they are making. I want these working people to be successful at the end of the day and to be happy and at peace.
Yesterday when I was on my way from the city workplace to the village workplace .I saw this scene on the street and I was quite attracted to the scene because there was a spark of fire coming out of it when he was cutting the steel and he was too risk was doing the job.I tried to take pictures on my mobile phone and share with you.





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