Good morning gift for all || my photography

I could not return home due to my busy schedule yesterday and was forced to stay at my workplace although staying up at night was not a big problem as the amount of winter here is a little less so I was able to stay well.But yes, it is true that I did not sleep peacefully here like at home because I live in a different environment at home and the environment at work is different .Anyway, friends, I hope everyone is well. I wish you all a good time. Today I will try to tell you yesterday's story of why I stayed at workplace.

There weren't too many people at the clinic all day yesterday and the amount of work was a little less but a case of an operation came up a little before evening and it took a long time for that patient to handle us and the night then increased so much because of the cars on the road Not found because the car is a little less at this time because it is a winter night.The funny thing is that all my colleagues' homes are very close to the hall workplace so they could easily go to their house but I didn't go anymore.
Eventually I could not find a car on the road and came back to the clinic and cleaned the reception room well then tried to lie down on the sofa and could not understand when I fell asleep because my body was very tired.Then I got up very early today in the morning and got up and took a short walk outside the workplace and had some good moments while walking because that cold air in the morning and walking inside it all had a wonderful feeling.There were some flowering plants in front of a house very close to my clinic and the flowers were blooming and the flowers were very beautiful to look at and carry a different beauty and all in all a spirits was working in my mind when I saw the flowers and my morning This is how it started. I took some pictures and I tried to share them with you and I wish you all a good time. This little gift from me is for everyone.20201110_17052001.jpeg
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