My Dairy/ Betterlife - 12/15/2021

Hi to all the great steemians. Hope we are all doing great, it of great opportunity to see this day 12th of May 2021. It has been a wonderful journey so far with the steemitcameroon specially to STEEMIT.
How my day started and how it will look like and end like. Before I start will like to thank God for making us to see this beautiful day of today it’s really a blessing. I woke up today at 1:30am to read my books and answer some questions
We are writing our pre HND mock this week I finish reading that at 6:30am which I had to go do some cleaning of the house, brush my teeth, take my bath, dress up, makeup, and had my breakfast
but to be sincere I don’t like eating in the morning later on I had to give a kiss to my son while he was still sleeping and I tracked to the road since as my house is far from the road
tracking and taking pictures. My exams writing begins at 3:00pm to 7:00pm to while waiting for that time I had to go to the market buy some few commands that were been needed urgently since am I am into online business I do sell fashion examples of what I do sell;





for children, men and women and will be coming back from the market at 12:30 so as to prepare to start writing by 3:00pm. In that process of writing I got finished at 5:30pm I didn’t go home I had to sit and do some revisions with other friends who are interested and at 8:00 I had to start tracking since as I wanted to pass at a super market to do some shopping for my son’s food and up coming birthday stuffs the ones at home got finished already all that activity was done in 30mins later I had to take a bike to the house arriving the house I washed my hands, took a bath, brush my teeth before I came to carry my son but I usually have a graphic designer class as from 8:30 to 11:30 on how to design so many things like cards, T-shirt, logos, your link, and many other things
The class is very interesting and when u present your assignments and they will be correct the assignment
if there were any from there I hv to each and rest a little so I can get up at 1:30 to start reading sometimes my son will be with me still I want to sleep that’s loving right ? and later on we can both go to bed from there and what we do last is to pray to God almighty for a wonderful day well spend guys. It will really a great pleasure sharing my daily activities with you steemitcameroon am really happy for that and always for giving me the opportunity just wanted to let you know am happy being part of steemit and thanks for reading.

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