Achievement 2 task: basic security on Steen, mentorship @cryptokannon presented by @shulidino
Hello everyone, it's indeed a great privilege to be with you all in this wonderful platform. I am here again to write my achievement 2 post. Please read as I will be explaining the basic security on steem.

Question 1: Have you retrieved all your keys on steemit?
Yes I have, I have also kept a copy offline in my private diary.

Question 2: Do you know each of these key functions and restrictions?
Yes I do. They are master key, posting key, Memo, active key.

Master key: this key is used to unlock other keys. It cannot be retrieved when it is lost and it is used to generate other keys.

The posting key: this key allows us to post, resteem, vote, edit comment, mute other accounts.

Memo: It's used for private messaging. It is also for encryption and decryption of private messages that are sent through Blockchain.

Active key: this key has to do with the wallet and everything about money.

Question 3: how do you want to keep your master key password safe? I will keep it where only I can have access to it because of cyber fraud or can be hacked on steemit by using the password.

Question 4: Do you know how to transfer your steem to another steem account?

Go to steem wallet, login, input username and private active key. Click on steem drop down, click transfer, input the receiver name and amount you wish to transfer.

Question 5: Do you know how to power up your steem? Go to your steem wallet, login, input username and private active key. Click on drop down of steem, select power up. Input the account you want to power up. Click power up

Thank you for reading my achievement 2 task post. Am grateful to @cryptokannon for her mentorship and assistance she renders to new ones like me. Once again thank you for following through.

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