Game of Thrones killer coming to Amazon Prime in 2020

Lord of The Rings prequel series coming to Amazon Prime Video is set in the Second Age of the Tolkien world. The series revolves will revolve around the history of Middle Earth and Sauron. This means LOTR vs Game of thrones.
LOTR Prequel series is the biggest Amazon Prime project yet
This may be the stepping stone for the entire series. LOTR’s world is vast, spreading far and wide to islands during the second age. We may see the deception of Sauron and the making of the rings of power rather than a young Aragon navigating life.

Silmarillion is the tale that covers page after page about the history of Middle Earth, from the beginning with immortal elves to where it ends or at least will one day end. LOTR vs Game of Thrones?
The vast universe is going to take up twenty 1-hour episodes which will hopefully do justice to the storyline. Amazon is really hoping to make Lord of the Rings prequel series one worth your time. Teams over at Amazon give the series a beginning budget of $1 Billion. This is definitely a Game of Thrones killer. LOTR is already much better, comparing with Game of thrones. This series will kill it for good.

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