New Community called Blockchain Games.


Why did I start Blockchain Gaming?
You are probably wondering why I have started another gaming community, because there are enough gaming communities, and you may be wondering why I have started another cryptocurrency decentrlaized finance community, because there are enough of those too.

Well I was looking for a Community to discus the changes currently happening in the video game industry, at the place where cryptocurrency and video games collide.
You see this isn't a community about the next great game and it is't a community purely about decentralization and the blockchain. This is a community about a truly revolutionary thing which is happening, which has the potential to change video gaming forever or fail miserably.

So what am I writing about?
Well right now the people who buy video games play them for free. Those same people accumulate trophies, armor, guns and countless other types of in game accessories through both fun and hard work. Those things have value to the gamers, but that value is locked inside the game. The game creator controls the game and all the things the player accumulates in the game.

But what if this wasn't the rule, and things could be different?
What if the power and control over everything in the game wasn't controlled by the game creators?
What if players got in-game rewards they could spend on stuff outside the game?
What if players accumulated game accessories and could sell them inside or outside the game?
What if those exchanges allowed the sale of game accessories from multiple games?

These what if's are revolutionary and could change gaming for ever.
These what if's would require games to be built very differently and probably on a blockchain or side chain.
These what if's could make video gaming an occupation or a business.
These what if's are the start of a new micro-economy with the gaming world.

Now you know why I have started a new Community, where these what if's could be discussed and explained.
And more importantly the hows and whys could be discussed and explained. This is a new economy within gaming where the players can earn in game rewards, capture valuable merchandise for resale and spend their in-game rewards and value earned from in-game accessories to buy real world items, pay for food and shelter and like any other job or business, use their talents and skills to support their family.

There's a new day coming to gaming and its best that everyone stay informed about it and participate in it.


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This is a great revolutionary idea for gaming industry. It's already been practising on game like exode,dcity and splinterland. Maybe other non- blockchain game can incorporate this NFT's card concept into their game too.

07.06.2020 09:52

I agree that it's revolutionary for gaming. When games allow tokenization it increases the value of the game items and thus the game. I think you are right that Splinterlands is a good example of how games can really be popularized by this concept. In my next article on in game currency I will explain why this concept can also be good for blockchain cryptocurrencies and increase demand and possibly of their currency.

07.06.2020 10:37

Great initiative dear friend, I love to play blockchain games mostly Splinterlands and I hope this idea brings more users into blockchain gaming.
I joined this community and may you succeed in your goal.
Best regards: yameen

07.06.2020 15:58