Anarchy is Freedom from leaders , and that sounds like Bitcoin.


Anarchy pronounced an·ar·chy

Anarchy From Greek αναρχια meaning "without a leader".


Unfortunately, in the thousands of years since the Greeks first gave this word to the world, it has taken on new meaning. Now it is more defined as a state of...

lawlessness, disorder, disorganization, chaos, turmoil, mayhem and pandemonium.


However, when it comes to Bitcoin I the original Greek Definition is more accurate:

When there is no leader, or when nobody has power over everyone.

Bitcoin equals anarchy in the positive meanings of the word.

As I listened to a podcast about Bitcoin I was struck by the true utility of Bitcoin.

We live in a society where we labor for wages, which aren’t given to us, but to our bank to protect us. Then we can’t pay our creditors ourselves, our bank pays them for us. We don’t know how much money we have, so we have to ask our bank. When we want to withdrawal our money or send it to someone our bank tells us how much we can send, when we can send and how long it will take to get to them.

It is as if all the adults are children incapable of holding their own money, incapable of counting their own money and incapable of paying their creditors what they are owed.

You see today we live in a world where the storage and sending of money have been separated into different functions and containers, each with a charge to the owner of the money...charges for storage, and charges for sending.

We live in a society where the money we earn for our labor is held for us, in someone else’s wallet, and we must abide by their rules for its storage and disbursement. We must live with their rules of access, we must live with their rules of transmission, and if they don’t approve of who and where we want to send our money, they reject our transaction, and tell us that we can’t send money to that person or the company or that country.

Rules, Rulers and Ruled


We are told that all the modern banking rules are to protect us, so the bank holds our money and helps us pay our bills. But this control over our money gives banks great power. The banks use this great power to create great wealth. The banks use this great power to control our money, and to control us.

But what if you held your own money, in your own wallet?
What if you sent money to your creditors, or your friends, or your family anytime you wanted, any amount you wanted and you didn’t have to ask anyone for permission. You would use your wallet, your wallet password, and you would have complete control over your wallet. There would be no one controlling your money, no one controlling you through their control over your money and no one charging you a fee to count your money, store your money and distribute your money.

You would have freedom from those bank rules, and freedom from those bank rulers.

You would still pay your bills.
You would still drive the speed limit on your way to work. You would still shop at the corner market and pay them for your groceries.

But you would have freed yourself from being ruled, controlled and treated like a child, by your bank. This is what anarchy means in Greek. When there is no leader, or when nobody has power over everyone.

Bitcoin equals anarchy in the positive meanings of the word.

This type of anarchy is good.
This type of anarchy is freeing.
This type of anarchy gives you a choice, to hold your own money, distribute your own money, and send it to whomever and where ever you want.


This is the promise of Bitcoin, there will still be rules, there will still be organization and there will still be order. But their will be one less ruler who has power over you.

Bitcoin equals anarchy in the positive meanings of the word.

Penned by my hand @shortsegments




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The acceptance of cryptocurrency widely will bring more satisfaction and more transparency to human.

08.03.2021 12:18