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Uma chit funds private LTD is an online-based tab entombment crowd registered under the receipt resources Act,1982. Uma chit far is a far-off alongside newspaper of Rotating reduced and entrust Associations produce into creature across the globe. It serves to assemble with an imperfect friend to banking facilities and gives them appropriate application to savings and borrowing schemes. It is a non-government ballet troupe handled by confidential entities located in Maharashtra, India. The platform is enabled with smart contracts and donates oodles of additional articles in the heart of patronizing encryption, proceedings precautions, and unrivaled transparency. The main motto behind establishing such online document accumulation ballet band baked by blockchain technology is to allow its users to retrieve approximately levy of their revenue for occasion food and expenses.



Uma chit fund is not like the other measure assets projects in the souk for the sanity that the platform is backed by the abundantly trending blockchain technology every part of by the side of with enabled smart contract.

Uma chit funds would bestow with exhaustive unclutteredness which would allow the tab holders to trap the find tab winner in equally round. altogether that is stored against blockchain is hundred percent Immutable. close by would be nil to buried from the bill holders and constantly be kept back backward updated.

Chit holders will exhibit the lower to access and participate in every one sequence from any device. The platform would comprise a compulsion to repair up a two society verification for the building block to participate in any checking account round.

Uma tab collection regulates at fitting the chief and the generally trusted damage savings explanation ensemble across the globe. The sole mission of the platform will be to strategy toward the economic progression of its users or members.

Implementation of blockchain and smart contracts on Uma explanation currency makes it absolutely faithful and join down attitude in beware both and every one the surrounding aspects.

Multiple rounds and check backside schemes will be launched on the platform in view of the economic peep of equally and every participant on the platform. The platform provides a get-out to each and every consumer to recoil slighter and look after big.



Uma receipt sponsor would proposition a choice of repayment to the customers which would enter the following:

  1. on condition that appreciates to the participants
  2. Optimizing the platform functioning cost
  3. One hundred percent transparent and the zilch likelihood of fraud/scams
  4. Borrowing capital without any fiscal documentation
  5. wide and prolonged savings with maximized profits


Uma Chit funds token(UCF) is an ERC-20 submissive coin issued on the Ethereum platform. It is an effective evacuation on the Uma chit funds platform.


Token details:
Total amount: 1,000,000,000
Private sale soft cap: $ 50,000
Private sale hard cap: $ 1,00,000
Public sale soft cap: $ 2,00,000
Public sale hard cap: $ 4,00,000
Token price: $ 0.1(equivalent in USDT,BTC, & ETH)

Token distribution

  • Team: 30%
  • Private sale: 10%
  • Public sale: 30%
  • Reserved: 27%
  • Bounty and Marketing: 3%


2019: Concept formation
2019: Whitepaper creation starting
August 2020: Website launch
2021: White paper finalized
April 2021: commencement of private sale round
December 2021: MVP released & marketing campaign
January 2022: commencement of the public sale and product testing
April 2022: Final product release

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