You Have A Mother That Means You Are The Richest

Happy Mother's Day to all those lucky people who have a mother. Without a mother how is life only those can understand who have lost her mother like me. But I wish others because they are the richest to have their mom in life.

Mother is a person who only can give unconditional love. There is none in this earth who can gives you selfless love. So if today you have a mother please take care of her because there are many poor kids in this earth miss the love of a mother. For example you can count me as the poor child.
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A woman as a mother is always good doesn’t matter how she is as a woman. Mother is the name of a blessing from Almighty Allah and I've lost my biggest blessing in 2015 and its six years without her presence in my life. Tears may got dried but still often I found my pillow wet after waking up from the sleep because I had dream of my beloved mom.

My mother was a loveliest woman in our world and she was the family holder after her death the family broken and we are living our life alone. She was the best mom of this world and her sudden death was unpredictable and we siblings hurt badly and broken inside.

Its a pain of lifetime that We've lost our beloved mother, nothing could did to make her happy and she passed away! May Almighty Allah bless her in the heaven and may her soul rest in peace in heaven.

My request to those lucky people is that please take care of your mother, you are the richest to have a mother and you should value her presence in your life. Never forget that she has given birth to you and giving birth a child is not a easy job for a mother, she faced almost the death when she feels the labor pain.

Be lucky to give a mother proper care and priority. Be the reason of your mother's smile, I cried often when I remember the moments I saw my mom crying and smile thinking about the memories we laughing together. Now only memories left and my mother will always alive in my heart. A mother can't be replaced with anyone else in this world so you should take care of your mother.

Stay blessed all mothers in this world and no more child become orphan so early like me.

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you have a golden heart, your mother live in this golden heart.. You are not an orphan..
Stay Happy All the mother in this word ❤️❤️❤️

09.05.2021 11:06

Honestly, those who have a mother are very lucky. My mother is still alive I consider myself very lucky. But I don't think there is any need to love my mother. The mother always has to be loved and the mother always has to be taken care of. There are many people who do not keep track of their parents throughout the year. But on this day they give status to mother and they post pictures of mother. We should explain to them that mother should always take care of me and always treat me well. Be good, you are the mother of all the world.

09.05.2021 12:13

Mothers never leave us alone... Every mother gives a huge strength to us to live in this world... You are not orphan my dear... You have that strength what your mother had given to you... ❤
Stay blessed and happy!!!!!!!

10.05.2021 10:40

Thank you so much dear friend for your kind words 💕💕💕

10.05.2021 10:51