Practice Creativity In This Lockdown Of Corona

Lockdown is strictly following by the people of corona. Many of us spending lazy time at home so this is the time when we can practice some creative things that may heal our mind and also can be the source of extra income online.

Stop blaming the bad time we can do something good for us like we can practice things that can be useful to others. Today in this blog I'll share some story of corona lockdown, this is just because I want to motivate my readers, means you!


During the lockdown I saw many wise people around me practicing their skill to improve it more.

Some were practicing art and craft and made showpieces, pen holders, wallmates and many kind of beautiful things for decoration, they opened their business page to sell out them and they did it too.

Some of my friends trying blogging and vlogging at home about cooking and run their own websites and made money, this is another lockdown so as a jobless they can do this wonderful job of blogging and vlogging as they also can make money from it.

One of my friend develop her skin on making yummy cakes and decorate it very well, she also launced her online cake selling business and created a business page for it. Now in this lockdown she can earn good amount of money from her cake business online.

What I did in lockdown last year? Well yes I tried practicing design last year to improve my skill and also earned money from freelancing market place and also earned money from local people by designing their stuffs.

So let's do it again and stop blamming the bad time in our life, Bad days are temporary and we can wait for upcoming good days in our life. Good luck to all including me.
Thank you!

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