Old Memories Saved Inside Phone Is Amazing

Today my phone was reminding me my old days as my photographs are saved inside it. Last year in this day I was working in a office and the job left last year in November.
It was a lovely day as I went out for photography and had some beautiful shots and those photos were reminding me my awesome day outside. All photos are the sign of beautiful memory and sometimes its unforgettable too.

Last year this day was not special one but the photos drive me to old office days and the day I go out for photography. Mostly I capture natural photographs and flowers are my favourite to capture.

Red, pink, white hibiscus is very common in my village but last year I started living the city life. City life mostly keep us away from nature but sometimes we found it inside plant selling points. I found many colorful flowers beside the street flower plant selling area and there I found Yellow Hibiscus too. I'm impressed with the quality of my camera because the hibiscus is looking so beautiful and sharp.
Yellow Hibiscus-My Photography Last Year

The green leafy background with water drops made the moment awesome. I saved the moment right there. Today I notify via my phone that I have some memories of last year of the day so I checked out them and this yellow hibiscus grabbed my attention to it.

After spending a busy day at office these kind of natural views surely heal my eyes. I'm impressed with my photography more because I love capturing my favourite things around me and flower is one of them.

In this lockdown I badly missing go out to capture some photographs and share with my friends. Old photos these days giving me refreshment that I often get from outside going and capturing photos.

May this corona pandemic leave us forever that I can connect with the nature once again. I love the natural vibrant color of flowers and leafs and water drops on it. Wish to hold them in my phone and whenever I feel lonely these photos will heal my eyes, its such a wonderful feeling for a nature lover.

If you are also a nature lover, surely you can feel the awesomeness of those moments recalling.

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Comments 3

Never seen a 'Yellow' hibiscus previously. Looks so pretty.

19.04.2021 09:48

Yup its pretty 😊

19.04.2021 09:49

nice shot

19.04.2021 15:45