My Entry For The Contest: Why Do you Love Steemit Platform | 20 steem prize pool Amazing contest

Greeting everyone,
Today I'm here to attend the contest Why Do you Love Steemit Platform. ( 20 steem prize pool Amazing contest) By @rex-sumon and I invite my friends to attend this awesome contest where you can express your love to steemit.

Before starting would like to share some thoughts and believes. Real love never need a particular reason so if love is selfless then dedication comes from core of heart. So why do I love something? Love mostly have no reason. Well if there is a reason required then my love to blogging would be the reason of loving steemit.

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Here in this contest the host asked few questions and if I answer them all that may express my love to steemit in a brief.

First of all how did you find out about this awesome platform?

It was a long history. It was the end of 2017 when my filipino friends invite me to blog in steemit as they were enjoying their stay here, my friend @iwrite invited me here and I'll be thankful to him for the lifetime. He also designed my first steemit blog footer too. We had a beautiful group but when the price of steem fall the bonding also lost unfortunately. My filipino friends are still my friend on social media and often we chit chat.

Who joined you on this platform?

As I have mentioned about @iwrite he invited me to our beloved steemit.Those days were beautiful as I enjoyed our group, they were not my native people but I'm thankful for their friendly support and helpful mindset.

Is he still using the platform or has he left the platform?

Unfortunately he is not super active on steemit right now, he is busy with some other work in personal life, we are still friends in social media.

Do you miss him if he left?

Yes I miss him and also miss my filipino team they were more helpful and good in support. Wherever they are right now I pray they always stay blessed and happy.

How did you spend your good times here ?

Steemit helping me a lot to overcome being social media addict, so this is another reason I love steemit so much. I spend most of my time of the day in steemit because in lockdown I hardly can go out. Steemit is my top priority now.

How did you spend bad times here ?

ha ha good question indeed. I had bad experience too as after launching my community when I got support from steemcurator01 I found that I also have enemies and they consider me as their rival and tried to spoil my blogging career on steemit, But thank Almighty Allah that they have learned lesson for their cheap activities and now I'm doing my blogging job with peace.

why you join Here.?

I joined here to improve my writing skill and also improve my English as English is not my native language and I need to improve it and one more thing is Money
It may sounds mean but we all need money in life more or less so this is a truth that I'm here for money also.

Thank You So Much For Reading


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Cc: @steemcurator01

Thank you so much dear @rex-sumon bro for this contest and also for the friendly support💕
Best regards!!

@Shohana1 2021

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আপনার গল্পটি আমাদের সাথে শেয়ার করার জন্য অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ। আপনার টিম আবার পুনরায় ফিরে আসুক আমি সেটাই চাই।

I found that I also have enemies and they consider me as their rival and tried to spoil my blogging career on steemit

এটি অত্যন্ত দুঃখজনক। প্রত্যেকটি স্থানেই কিছু হিংসুটে লোক থাকে। তাদেরকে ওভারকাম করে সামনে এগিয়ে যাওয়াই মূল বিষয়।

18.04.2021 11:52

It's a long journey, indeed. You have seen the ups and downs of Steemit.
Good to go through your post :) :)

18.04.2021 21:15

Thanks Apu, nice to see a girl/woman from Bangladesh with such big amount of reputation, you must have good experience in steemit journey, I wish no one face unexpected enemies like me, especially when I'm here to help others. Thank you!

18.04.2021 21:22

Good experience? Say no more...
We all have to go through many things in some points. But that's okay, we learn our lessons.
I was actually very active from the beginning. But lately I had to invest more time offline, with my family and my four years old son. But now trying again to come back.
Good to know that you are open to help.
Keep up and have a wonderful day! 😊😊

18.04.2021 22:46

Nice to meet you Apu, I've joined November 2017 and after few months I quit this platform for my education and profession both. I just come back after two years in this November 2020. The journey at the beginning was not easy but Alhamdulillah now its fine with family and friends in this platform. Love see my native people around like you ❤️💕💖

18.04.2021 22:58

I also joined in 2017. It was a long journey.

22.04.2021 07:02

But my biggest mistake was quitting steemit for two years ☹️

22.04.2021 07:11