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Here I come to give some motivation to my newbie friends of this blogging platform #steemit. Today I'm a community leader of #SteemShip and I've 3k+ steem power and the journey was not smooth because I got frustrated when I didn't get support and I researched on my lacking and when I find them I worked on it to fix. The inspiration of research I got from other successful steemians of this platform. And today I want to be like them and inspire newbies who also feel demotivated after getting less support.

Power Up Is The Key:

You can see my account is near 4 years old but I was inactive 2 years and I've regret that I left the platform and now I'm a active person here and trying to learn more and welcoming new friends on this platform. I want them not to repeat my mistakes and they can learn from my mistakes. You may wonder, I realize the value of power up from last two months and before that I've withdrawn my earning.
If you want to have a strong steemian then there is no alter of power up. Power up is the key to success here and I realize it recently so from now I'm focusing powering up and I'm getting support from contests of several communities also getting support from the steemians who have good amount of steem power.
Source Of Background

After increasing steem power you also can get support from your steem power delegation. And this is really awesome that encourage us to power up more. There are some communities offer upvote support and also offer steem for delegation. I would like to recommend some communities which accept delegation and give good support so you also can delegate them :

Here Is My Vlogs To Guide Newbie Steemians, More Vlogs Are Coming :

If once you can feel the passion for promo steem , you will be unstoppable and can't think anything without steemit. My day start with steemit and it end with steemit now. I'm a passionate steemian and I wish my fellow steemians also can feel the passion. Steem on!

Thank You So Much


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09.06.2021 06:43

Muy buen post tus consejos son increíbles 💕

10.06.2021 02:17

Thank you lot sister. I feel very blessed, I work with a good leader like you.

12.06.2021 04:40

Thanks vai, please do comment all the SteemShip posts of everyone, post related comment please.

12.06.2021 04:50

yes, but power so low, So I can't comment to everyone if I want to. But I will soon increase my power today or tomorrow. From then on, I will comment on all the posts of Steamship, InshaAllah.

12.06.2021 05:03