Powered up 20.20 sp for spud9


Powered up some liquid steem for spud9 and other i will use to invest on steemmonsters game.
This year i am looking to reach 10000 STEEMPOWER.

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Thank you for doing your part for #spud Take care and happy new year 2020!

02.01.2020 09:50

ESTM Boosting refund to @shitsignals!
Due to one of these reasons:
1. Not posted from eSteem apps.
2. Already curated by eSteem team.
3. Need bit more improvement on quality of post.
4. Might be too old post.
5. User already received vote in last couple hours, you can try boosting again afterwhile.
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02.01.2020 10:48

Being a part of SPUD is interesting. We know that we can show our love to Steem
happy new year

02.01.2020 11:32