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Full-Time Mom For A Day💪😁💪

Hello there! It's been a long day for me today. I did not go to work because I need to bring Carleign to the doctor for her checkup due to cough and colds. She's been coughing since last week but it was on and off. I mean we have our oregano at home and she's taking it as her medicine. It worked for a while but this week it seemed that nothing's working at all. My nanay is worried sick of her cough for three days so I obeyed her.

I have been packing my things last night preparing for our trip to Pampanga tomorrow because the venue for Korean Language Test was changed. It was originally in Baguio but now it was changed to Pampanga. My mother insisted last night that I should take Carleign to the hospital for check up because I will be gone for 3 days and 2 nights. So that was what I did this morning. I feel like a full time mom today. 🥰

I got up 5am to cook our breakfast, prepared our hot bath. After bathing my nanay and Carleign, I washed our clothes, cleaned the house and I did some more household chores . Then I cooked lunch. I washed the dishes and took a bath. Just in time for Carelign's service 11:30. Off we go to school. I stayed there until their dismissal 4pm. In between while waiting, I tried to take a nap. I found a shade and sat there pasimpleng natulog praise God for my sunglasses hahaha.


I was talking to myself. I ask myself what if I will just resign from work so that I can take better care for my nanay and my Carleign? I answered myself with a question: well what about the expenses where will I get all the money for these payables monthly? Can you still send them both to school if you are jobless? How about your brother? When was the last time he send money? September last year. O is that enough? Think about all these things Inday before you decide to quit your stable job. And you know what! Myself is right. I need my job to sustain my family's need. So I told myself ok I will not quit my job. I know I just need to pray harder for my family to have better health so that I will not resign

At around 3:45pm I rose up and went to their room and waited for her. Then we went to Bethany for her check up. We arrived at the hospital 4:12pm. We waited for one hour....goodness! My head is aching and my stomach is grumbling. I thought to myself wow....this is going to be a great day huh! The perks of being a full-time mom for a day.😁

I thought of sharing this #ulog post today. In preparation of Valentine's Day hahaha. Well while waiting in the hospital, I tried browsing our group chat. They're posting their dates for Vday tomorrow. I was offline for hours and they're waiting for my post. I happen to save this pic and naughtily send it there with a LOL emoticon bwhahahaah. I told them ok ok guys here's my date tomorrow. Bwhahahahaha🤣


Then of course I received a lot of violent reactions whahahaha. Just for fun though. We know that we are all going the be dateless tomorrow because we will be going to Pampanga after lunch. We will be the proctors for the Korean Langauge Test that will be on Saturday and Sunday. I will take time to capture photos so that I can include it in my next post. Until then and God bless us all.

Advanced Happy Valentine's Day 💚❤💜

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