Countdown for my Upcoming Birthday and the Liquid Earnings For My Birthday Celebration 😀 #56

Hello everyone!


Please do upvote this post as your birthday gift to me. 😀💖

I would like to ask for your support. I will be posting a daily blog which is a countdown for my upcoming birthday. The liquid earnings for this daily blog will be use for my birthday celebration.

Next month will be my birth month. I still have 56 days more to go before my birthday. I still have enough days to accumulate funds for my birthday. Actually, the month of July is not only my birth month in our family. It is also the birth month of my younger brother Noel. Also, the birth month of my nephew baby Nathaniel. It will be the 1st birthday of baby Nathaniel. 😀

I still remember the heart breaking birthday celebration of mine. It was two years ago. When my sister Dona giving birth of a baby girl on the same day of my birthday. Sadly, the baby didn't make it. She died when she was born. A heart breaking birthday of mine. That was the saddest birthday ever. My baby niece Maria is now our angel!

Last year, I celebrated my birthday together with the Christening of baby Nathaniel. A 2-in-1 celebration. 😀

Supposed to be I will be going home on my birthday. Because of covid-19 pandemic I can't be home. I will not risk my health and life in traveling. I will not risk the health and life of my love ones when I get back home.

So, I decided to just stay where I am now. I will still celebrate my birthday even away from home.

Right now, our work is not normal. Half day of work means half day of salary. Still no work no pay. Even that is the case, I still have other option where to get funds for my birthday celebration. With the help of this blockchain I am sure I can accumulate funds for my birthday celebration.

I am appealing to you all for your support by upvoting or reblogging my countdown post. Your votes will be highly appreciated. 😀😍

I am expecting for your support! 😀😀😀

Thank you so much! 😀😀😀

Have a blessed day to us all!!



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