I'm sorry @steemcleaners for detecting me as a spammer.

I'm very sorry that my post was taking down by @steemcleaners, I was only doing what I could to publish enough post so my friends candy find out more about @challengedac.

I'm sorry this has to be this way, I had no intention of spamming, I just wanted to appreciate and and pass some information in the best way steem has given us a chance to.

Thank you @steemcleaners for this opportunity, I promise not to be a part of spam anymore.

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I believe Steemcleaners has joined a few others in removing rewards on the uninteresting posts that seem to just be there so that the challengedac people can milk Steem for their EOS token. Well, enough Steem users with enough SP don't seem to agree with that strategy. It's nothing personal against you. Steem on

07.02.2020 05:19

Thank you. Very much.

07.02.2020 17:10