You are ruining your own product!


There is a reason steem is at 13 cents!

When it was flourishing, people hating people for commenting, expecting a few cents, was frowned upon, so the majority got it banned.

Price of steem fell dramatically.

People wanting to decide what others do, never works out well, take a look around you in the real world.

This will be my last post, not a rage quit, more a measured approach.

When you have a system of negativity, it breeds, and this is toxic.

To make a system where after 7 days, some tosser that runs a bibbot can vote you down for using a bidbot that gives 20% back to the community, you choke.

The group mentality is key!.

Like anything in life, steemit shows one thing. One thing is good today, it is not tomorrow, try stop being led by the nose.

Make informed decisions on your own.

Negativity is rife on here, people deciding what deserves rewards or not, try minding your own business.

I had a in my eyes superb xmas post, it will never now see the light of day, well done!.

It could be such a positive place, a real change to society, it will not though, you let it be so.

It mirrors life much.

I guess you want me gone, so I will go, with pleasure, and I shall do my best to get steem down to nil.

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23.12.2019 11:01

Dammit! It's sure a more fun place with you around.

23.12.2019 11:14

They made it so, I care not for profit, they do, I give more than I take, you can check my steemd. Fuck em, enough, shepz1 last time, and peace out.

23.12.2019 12:01

Your content is fine, buying votes is not. It undermines everything about #newsteem.

Your account is old enough to know that vote buying is now the past. There is no negativity.

try minding your own business.

If we all did this, can you imagine what would happen?

23.12.2019 11:22

Everything is subjective is it not? When you group bully anyone for doing anything, like you do, it in my eyes is wrong! You can do or say what you want, but my comment stands, you are ruining your own product!.

By using tipu, you lose 20% the 20% is given back to the community, is that bad?

The biggest abusers on here have never been held to account, so I get it, you go after smaller accounts.

23.12.2019 11:59

I'm not going to argue with you. You seemed educated and somewhat reasonable. Like you said everything is subjective.

When you group bully anyone for doing anything

What do you mean, group bully? There a people following my DV trail but I didn't ask them too. In fact it makes me uncomfortable that they are doing so.

You have many other posts that have paid votes, but I will leave them be as I feel you have got the message. @tipu now curate and have a team looking for undervalued posts.

I for one, wish they would take the option away for paid votes, it would make it so much easier.

Despite what you think, I don't enjoy 'bullying' as you call it. I just want votes to be organic, deserved and up-voted for what they contain and not for the amount of paid votes they receive.

23.12.2019 12:30

Your actions stand, as do mine, though mine was more giving, yours is full of negativity. and that is what will kill this place, the negativity!.

23.12.2019 13:47

Why bother bantering?

He will never leave lol. He’s been trying to leave for ages.

Best to check if evil banks are still holding his money hostage.

He’s too rich to care he’ll be fine with the downvotes.

23.12.2019 15:05

Yes I have a lot of money, watch what happens next!

23.12.2019 15:19

Please! Been waiting for that display of exorbitant wealth.

@freedom feels lonely.

23.12.2019 15:21

What you want a picture, or is a selfie ok?

23.12.2019 15:24

Both will get you four dollar fifty cent....just go look at the soldier account, then call them out for their hypocrisy of what constitute "value" and "worth" on here.

26.12.2019 15:27

Your name is like a bad joke, I can see why you enjoy negativity, you thrive on it do you not, enforcer lol, what a bad joke!

23.12.2019 15:26

Took you almost 2 years to notice that?

Ok Boomer.

23.12.2019 15:27

Am I supposed to be offended by boomer?

23.12.2019 15:34

It's okay. Don't worry about it.

23.12.2019 15:42

I already know who you are, are you angry with me because YOU chose to buy my account, on a ship you are all sailing with negativity? You know, you get what YOU deserve in life, suck it up and enjoy it!

23.12.2019 15:38


I'll forward him that.

23.12.2019 15:42

No need, you have it, life sucks for losers, does it not?

23.12.2019 16:02

You must have extensive experience as one in order to come up with that diagnosis.

It's actually really funny that you think I am Stan.

23.12.2019 16:05

I care not who you are, the funny part is you think I have to leave, you think you determine what is right for me, best of luck with that,, bring a big gun!

23.12.2019 16:09

Leave or not, it's a win for us. lol

23.12.2019 16:15

Who is US? Do you really think you speak for the whole community? Are you so deranged?

23.12.2019 16:43

People you don't need to know.

23.12.2019 16:46

I see what you did there, my mates are bigger than yours, school-ground logic, wow, how old are you? walking around calling people names, are you a child still? get this straight idiot, you do not rule my world!.

23.12.2019 16:51

They already know you. That's good enough.

23.12.2019 16:53

Good, and I already know them, steemd is a superb tool, as are you.

23.12.2019 16:59

Oh please, it's the most interaction you will ever get online.

23.12.2019 17:00

I think you two have some history I'm not parley too!

23.12.2019 22:10

Nah. Not me. I’m making history right now.

It’s hilarious. I think it’s high time we meet this man who’s full of himself.

23.12.2019 23:55

I have seen plenty of posts like this, but I do not want to drive people away from Steem, especially if they have quality posts. What we do want is real curation. If people do want to promote their posts they can decline rewards, but most I see with paid votes do not get much engagement anyway.

Like @slobberchops I support dozens of small accounts. I do not self vote. Being part of the community is what brings rewards. I've taken on some big abusers and suffered for it, but others support me.

I don't see anything else like Steem out there, so I will continue to support it as it has great potential to help many people around the world. I hope you find something that works for you.

23.12.2019 14:33

May I thank you for the time you took to reply.

My point stands, using tipu that is none profitable, and gives 20% back to the community is now considered bad, by who?
By losing 20% does that now make me some sort of imbecile?
I am failing to see your logic!.

23.12.2019 14:39

The community decides what is acceptable and buying votes distorts the reward distribution. I do what I consider is best for Steem.

23.12.2019 14:50

You do not do what is best for steem, you never have, you all got it down this far, with your own negative actions.
You let haejin abuse this place for years, via his rancho account, only a few people stepped up like fulltimegeek.

He has now cashed out, why?

There are numerous people on here like chbartist or what ever his name is that "have" abused this place, but, you want to take that out on me, for using a service that loses me 20%? Your logic is fucked to be honest.
I wish you all well, I will sell my steem at 1 cent, and give you what you deserve, fuck all.

23.12.2019 14:57

Oh shit? Where are they now? Damn, better leave STEEM for the n-th time.

@iamstan sends you his regards. Lol

23.12.2019 15:08

I know who you are, I care not what you think.

23.12.2019 15:45

Oh really? Who am I?

If you think I'm Stan, then damn you are dumb as hell. lol

Of course you care, otherwise you wouldn't be responding.

Let's make "leaving Steem" a reality for you okay?

23.12.2019 15:46

Steemd leaves a trail a mile long, think on!

23.12.2019 15:56

We are helping you out, brotha.

You keep wanting to leave, but are too sick and addicted to let go.

Either way, we'd have reached the goal. It's a win-win situation whether you leave or not.

23.12.2019 15:57

Are you telling me I have to leave you fucking idiot?

23.12.2019 15:57

Yeah I saw this coming down the pipe three, four weeks ago. I was wishing my intuition was off kilter but evidently not. It is not a joyous day for me for sure to come back from a couple days holiday time off and see it all unfolding. The shit runs deep on this one, what more can I say, I will miss you obviously.

26.12.2019 15:20

I downvoted them both. Opinions are like arseholes...

23.12.2019 15:47

And arseholes act like them, you have not actually addressed anything I have said, you just go with your current group think. Pathetic!

23.12.2019 15:54

You obviously don't know me. Peace

23.12.2019 17:02

I would rather not.

23.12.2019 19:32

Love and kisses xxx

23.12.2019 20:13

You can stick that fake stuff where it deserves to be, just like a lot of what you lot do, it is fake, and very negative. Go vote for your next liar to rule over you!. p.s. it is up your own ass!.

23.12.2019 20:54


23.12.2019 22:17

23.12.2019 21:23

Yes, I'm special and unique :) I expect you are a snowflake too. I assume you meant it as a compliment. I'm sure you would not resort to childish name-calling.

You are not the first to make wrong assumptions about my intentions. There are motivations other than self-interest.

Merry Christmas.

24.12.2019 10:25

I simply gave you a video to watch, free of charge, I have not called you any names, unlike some of your tribe, I am dignified, Merry xmas, right back to you,

24.12.2019 12:40

Didn't watch it, but didn't realise it was a video originally. Not going to watch it all anyway. I really am not looking for fights. The only reason I would downvote you is over the source of your rewards, not your opinions. Some people just take it personally. I take no responsibility for what others may do. We are individuals who happen to work together and we don't always agree.

Anyway, it's Christmas and I need to be spending time with the family rather than debating with strangers online. I wish you all the best even if you don't believe me.

24.12.2019 13:26

Enjoy the precious time with loved ones, it is what everyone in life is for, again merry xmas, have a superb holiday season, make merry and be happy.

24.12.2019 14:04

Do you feel that you are receiving downvotes because of the content of your posts or because you have used bots to upvote the post(s), @shepz1?

If it is a bot issue (which it appears to me is the case) then it is hard to understand how you are suggesting it is a free speech issue.

Mind explaining?

29.12.2019 11:05

No I do not mind at all. This post had no bidbot boost by me, it did have a $1 or so tipu via one of the commentators, yet it got voted to dust for having my own opinion on steemit. The post after received the same treatment, with zero bid bot use by me!. Thanks for the comment on the other post, hope you enjoy the rest of the vid.

29.12.2019 17:51

Well that sucks. Countering all bot votes, so as to cancel them out, makes sense to me; yet punishing the account seems not only extreme but counter productive. It also sounds like a bot is being used in the process which is not only ironic but hypocritical to me.

Hopefully you can hang in there and let this latest cloud of dust settle. Your voice is an appreciated one to me.

29.12.2019 18:02

That's this platforms whole guys decide who wins and who the end it will ultimately be Steemit that loses. Please do tell us all how much distortion of the rewards pool money have gone to the bimbo's waving a smile in people's faces?....the soldier account, last I looked was half way to dolphin....but that's perfectly okay to rip people's hard earn rewards away to give to a bunch of dimwits.

26.12.2019 15:03

When you've been to a few Steemfests like her I'll consider you worthy of judging her. You seem a little obsessed. But what does my opinion matter to you?

Judge me as you wish. I don't give a shit. It's not like my few cents of vote or flag make much difference to anyone.

I'll keep voting up whatever I consider deserving. Not my own stuff of course.

Wish you the best for next year.

26.12.2019 16:56

When you've been to a few Steemfests like her I'll consider you worthy of judging her.

I don't need to go to steemfest to see she's capable of cheating her way to the top nor to be granted the right to cheat her way to the top as, if one even needs to ask, is the bulk of people who attend steemfest.

You seem a little obsessed

Unfortunately you are not a woman whose opportunities in life where often quashed by those willing to cheat their way to the top then compete their way to the top. So yeah, call it an obsession, I'd call it being livid at the thought I spent ficken hours writing stuff on here playing by the rules then some bimbo comes along and can post pictures of girls with no content and make more than I can spending hours writing content. It's even more insulting when you find she cheats.

But what does my opinion matter to you?

Well if you have daughter(s) that will one day enter the work force then your opinion of this type of matter should be concerning to you.

27.12.2019 13:59

You do realise 'halfway to dolphin' is not a big deal? It's not just about putting out posts. You need people engaging with them. It's not a perfect system (by a long way), but I've managed to build a following with a lot of effort. I see you get some prizes for engagement, but if it's all complaining Steem is unfair it may not win you many votes. You don't have to suck up to whales, but some may downvote negative attitudes. I don't generally downvote opinions.

I've been to several Steem events and seen @soldier there with her @Appix team. What she has earned is nothing next to what she must have spent on those and other trips.

I have a daughter who is not really into social media. There are general issues with girls getting obsessed with image, but that has always happened. The Appix stuff may remain a tiny part of Steem, but who knows?

Steem is still barely a blip on the Internet. There's still a chance to influence where it goes, but you have to work with others.

Wishing you all the best for next year.

27.12.2019 14:41

Half way to dolphin in less than two, three months is no big deal?...tell that to everyone struggling to get there.

What she spent to get to steemfest and what she spent there has nothing at all to do with her being allowed to cheat her way to the top by posting pictures of mannequins, dolls, pictures imposed against backgrounds of places those people really aren't at, mixed of course with a few real people. It doesn't take a professional to see the photos are fake.

We aren't talking about girls and their images we are talking about girls who have no problem bumping other hard working girls out of their way to get to the top. So it's really insulting to every woman on here whose working hard to get ahead and you guys allow her to come on here with pictures with no content and say it's perfectly fine. You really think for one minute the majority of those woman whom she is posting pictures of are going to join steemit and write out post that have any content they've put considerable effort behind? No, they aren't, you are just fooling yourself.

You just remember in life that what comes around goes around. You encouraging such behavior only reinforces it. It's in every occupation and there's a reason for that, just look in the mirror.

27.12.2019 22:29

What we do want is real curation.

Okay, that does it and you fully deserve it.

You are a fricken liar.

You two faced hypocrite. Just when is some picture post of a woman smiling saying HI! real curation? How many times do I have to catch you in a lie?

No this site is going nowhere, notta, because you pick and chose the winners and losers.

No one can use this tipu (and I see dozens of post that use it) (and I am not stupid and see something deeper going on in this instance that is none of my business more as it is yours...but since you've chose to use tipu as a means to handle it)...then, once again, I am calling out the hypocrisy as to why do the winners get to use tipu?

26.12.2019 15:00


26.12.2019 16:49

I can not believe you lot still reply to me.

You all know better than me. come on

24.12.2019 00:23

Yeah, we know what could happen. Some bimbo will get granted the right to post pictures of dimwit woman smiling with HI! by it and make forty dollar fifty cents for such low grade effort that has seen the architect of this scam that NO ONE ELSE would get away with half way to dolphin in a couple two, three months. The hypocrisy is astonishing on here. It is true, the winners and losers are chosen, only the winners get to cheat their way to the top and all others can go to hell....then you wonder why the platform is failing.

26.12.2019 14:47

Sux this does seeing our upvotes given to you ripped away not fair on you or us upvoters😠. Has been great having you back and now you leaving again. Some of us have some steem so hope you don't take us down to zero value eh. Wish you would stay mate though I respect your decision and I wish you and the family a great time over Christmas and hoping a great year ahead 😃

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23.12.2019 12:10

I am past caring for this place, you are a superb human being, Thank you for your comments and friendship. You have me by email, I hope you keep in touch, and I wish you and yours a superb new year and a truly wonderful xmas.

23.12.2019 13:45

Fair enough mate and thank you. I will email you sometimes 👍.

23.12.2019 23:03

Now no one comments at all. On most people's posts, anyway.

23.12.2019 12:49

Because morons run the show.

23.12.2019 13:45

Seems like it sometimes. I've actually been around here for a couple of years, despite this account being new. I made the mistake of making my first one my full first and last name, and decided later that I didn't like that idea for obvious reasons.

The next one I used for the longest time was @sharkmonsters, which is focused solely on Steem Monsters / Splinterlands. That one gets 20+ downvotes on every single post. Most of them are worthless, but it's still annoying AF. Recently, I got some actual downvotes simply for having SBI shares I didn't even buy for myself. To put in a lot of work on posts only to have someone be able to come in and steal the earnings (but not even take them... just erase them) is not helpful in any way.

I made a new one to get back into blogging about things not related to Splinterlands, but we'll have to see how long it is before I just start getting downvotes here as well.

23.12.2019 14:03

I feel your pain, the group think on here is toxic, I choose to walk, I need it not, not this place, not the leaches, not someone telling me what I can do.
It was sold as freedom, it is run by morons, that want to control what you do, enough of them, time for change!.

23.12.2019 14:44

This post got a few :) I vote up good comments on my posts.

23.12.2019 14:34

Hmm sad that you connect negativity with this place. It's the exact opposite for me-
Free Speech is all I need. People who understand me is all I need.

We're fighting against bid bot owners. Join us @steemflagrewards

Otherwise. We will see each others. The paths always cross several times

23.12.2019 14:55

I like you bro, merry xmas, and have a superb new year,

23.12.2019 15:10

Sorry, but that is BS

We're fighting against bid bot owners. Join us @steemflagrewards

You are not fighting the bidbots, there are hardly any left. What you are fighting is the posters who do not 'know their place' and bow to the likes of the other idiot here. You also voted for flagging so that idiots only need to spend 3 steem and never make a post or comment, never have to think for themselves or be creative, (so that nobody can flag them) but can earn by flagging. If this was not what the big SP owners wanted, why is it they are delegating to them?

You want to level the playing field? Then go flag all the BS of the whales and other big accounts.

Then you can say you are in favour of free speech and that you are trying to improve the platform.

28.12.2019 16:39

I draw the line at bad fiction.

Maybe not spewing so much ignorance before commenting?

Why bother? You still pay for your accounts.

28.12.2019 17:03

@tipu curate

23.12.2019 14:55

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/10 - need recharge?)

23.12.2019 14:56

Thank you for the tip, but the problem is it brings me more morons wanting to downvote it, because they are morons.

23.12.2019 15:09

Nah, they only show up when it goes up to $15.

23.12.2019 15:17

As this is my last post or article on here, can you not just fuck off? Sick of you now.

23.12.2019 16:05


Don't kid yourself. You will keep posting.

You will NEVER leave.

23.12.2019 16:08

I had to block all payments because I was flagged for receiving a 0.20 total reward.

Now I can have fun, support those who are attacked by your kind (even if it is only moral support) and make use of the blockchain for my own purpose, without me contributing to Steemit.

24.12.2019 16:54

Lol my kind? Idk who you are on about but we downvote vote buyers. So, you are clearly have no idea what you on about.

I’ve seen you go about stuff cluelessly since I joined the platform.

So go bs yourself.

I’ve had fun and supported people without issues since day 1. You are just spewing excuses.

24.12.2019 18:11

without issues

does not say anything good about you, for it means you keep quiet when there is injustice - unless you can make money out of it.

25.12.2019 23:44

Lol keep on dreaming Arthur.

25.12.2019 23:46

Dreaming may be what I may be accused of if I express a hope that accounts like yours lose a lot of money.

My previous statement was only a observation of what appears to be fact. I find it interesting that in none of your comments (to me or to shepz or to anyone else in this post) did you dispute or debate any points or accusations made against you - all you have done is swear in anger or make emotional accusations.

When someone can only respond by insulting others, it either indicates a total lack of ability to reason, or else, their own guilt is blocking them.

I wonder which it is with you.

26.12.2019 10:50

What appears to be a “fact”.
Ill-willed old man calling random strangers on internet evil and himself some self-imagined hero.

Hey, I can say the same thing. I observed you two to be some old men full of themselves.

You can tell yourselves you are good all you want. You aren’t. Good day.

26.12.2019 13:47

Perhaps I recognise you for what you are exactly BECAUSE I am evil?
So what, what I am or may be does not alter what you are

26.12.2019 19:44


26.12.2019 19:45

The hypocrisy is beyond real. They'll nab you for twenty cents if you are not a dimwit female waving a smile handing you a HI!.

26.12.2019 15:41

Should I declare myself to be a female?

It would feel very odd.


26.12.2019 20:40

Nah, stay comfortable in your own skin. lol.

27.12.2019 14:03

Well, let's see, how much of the rewards pool is taken daily when an account (the soldier account) has made it half way to dolphin in two, three months time posting picture of people smiling waving a HI! by it? about abuse, low quality, low grade efforts ripping off the rewards pool.

26.12.2019 15:35

That’s in the works.

Nuclear isn’t always the first option.

27.12.2019 01:06

Yeah well by the time you get around to doing anything about it she'll be able to nuke you.

27.12.2019 14:05

Then go do something yourself.

27.12.2019 14:10

I've already been nuked trying.

27.12.2019 22:06

Flagging my should be ashamed. Looking over some of her stuff the other night I see where she posted a pic of herself saying some shit along the lines of living life for yourself...she's going to "live" for herself alright, the photo of her with that bit of type brought her almost twelve bucks. She upvoted herself...which I don't know the percentage but I would imagine the bulk of it came from her as most listed on under her account don't have a whole lot of sp under their belt. Two cents here, three cents there, next thing you know it's five, then ten, then twenty....etc., and so forth for practically doing zilch.

02.01.2020 00:40

Why dont you go make your oh so great Christmas post in Facebook you motherfucking piece of shit?
Like I need to see your bleached, burnt and cliched post on my trending feed because you chose to promote it.
No, this is not the concept of operations of steem, even though a large majority have adopted it in the past, explicitly or implicitly in the shades. Even them know they are betraying the spirit of the platform, yes a platform started by a shady as fuck ninja launch, still has stated horizon goals.
The protocol, my friend, since day one, has had downvotes, maybe you are too new, clueless, intellectually dishonest , just want to be free to milk the cow to death or I dont know, but please, can you stop bitching in such a ridiculous way ?
If so we might even end up having a conversation.

23.12.2019 23:49

Are you screaming at me. Do you want to fight me, Bring it, Enough of this shit

24.12.2019 00:09

I will take your hatred, I will take your anger, I never did it to you. Look closer to home!

24.12.2019 00:42

shut your piehole

24.12.2019 03:39

Lol, bringing the engagement.

Sorry about that downvote, i follow that guy's trail.


24.12.2019 00:57

No worries, unsure why you choose to follow a trail of negativity though, merry xmas.

24.12.2019 12:43

Self defense, abuse was killing us.
I apprised you of that when you got here, but, of course, you plowed ahead with your own steem.
Maybe now you will stay with us in the 'good' content trenches?

24.12.2019 17:59

The abused become the abusers, I get it, history does in fact repeat!.

24.12.2019 18:58

It gets in the box, or it lives under a bridge!
Hello, bridge!

Gonna be 63f, today.

24.12.2019 19:01

6c here, merry xmas,

24.12.2019 19:08

These are the kind of people you are hanging with, group bullying with, hope you are proud!.

jaguar.force (69)
· 1 hour ago (edited)

Downvoting on ....... fake rage quiting drama queen.
Lion , meets Jaguar.
I wont even bother commenting on the bait vid.
Is this your bitch?


shepz1 (71) · 43 minutes ago

My bitch lol, charming are you not, NOT!


Reply Edit
jaguar.force (69)
· 5 minutes ago (edited)

Im not trying to charm you, retard.
Good , i will take that as a yes


shepz1 (71) · 24 seconds ago

Look in the mirror, and leave her alone, she is nothing to do with me.

24.12.2019 19:55

Yeah, he get excited, especially when drunk.

But, he finds abuse and outs it.

24.12.2019 21:03

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

24.12.2019 00:57

Congratulations @shepz1!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Comments - Ranked 4 with 75 comments
24.12.2019 15:50

I don't know why you bothered to answer him. Haven't you noticed that he has not made ONE noteworthy post - all he does is play that one note, trying to make himself sound like he is the steemit policeman.

The problem is, he sounds more old-fashioned, more something like those SS monsters who took advantage of the power given to them and ran around destroying the lives of all who do not submissively agree with them. Always, those who think of themselves as special cannot hold a decent conversation or debate - all they can do is scream and swear like a toddler having a tantrum fit.

Now you see why I block my posts and comments? It is to prevent the evil army of the marxists from downvoting me. Since the money is worth jackshit, why worry about it? Let them play with their toilet paper. As for Rep? I would have to be like this person for me to go up, so why bother, when I can stay where I am, one and with the few decent people.

24.12.2019 16:27

I just give up, they can have this place, they can be as toxic as they want. Merry xmas my friend, love and respect to you and yours.

24.12.2019 18:59

Maybe we will find a way to turn this next year into something more productive and happier - even if it is on some other platform.

btw - my arguments with the vile idiot who only knows how to swear and insult, but never able to counter any accusations with logic or reason, have continued. I am enjoying them...but I do it using reason and logic :)

26.12.2019 10:55

Negativity is rife on here, people deciding what deserves rewards or not, try minding your own business.

Bruh... That's the thing. The reward pool is everybody's business. The problem is so few understand that and even less are willing to adjust something they feel is overvalued.

That's freedom, my dude. Just like you use it to buy votes which many feel is, in essence, a bribe. Others feel that sort of thing should be countered.

Just the way it is. If you wanna be about freedom, consider that it is indeed a 2 way street

28.12.2019 21:24