I think steemit has changed


And I care not about stinc or their new puppets

Cowards always put a lady up front, knowing men will not treat them as bad, just look at politics!.

Anyway, why did I buy back in?.........

Many reasons really, and one is, I see a fantastic truth community here, One in decline, I aim to change that decline, and invest some more.

2 I see the product - steem as well under valued, and see a margin, and a way to make some cash, without a large outlay as the price is cheap now.

3 I see a place, that the community are making the best things attached to this product, be it video, be it anything else, the community are doing it.

I am not a fan of name dropping just for an upvote, it sickens me, nor am I a fan of naming names.

But if you look, if you know,

There is people on here, not stinc, forget about them, actively making new sites here, new apps, new everything.

Even people, ordinary folk, encouraging people to join.

In them I trust.

I see the dedication to cause, I see them doing more than stinc and I no longer care about stinc politics, or the internal silly politics with people falling out and going on downvote wars for airtime.

This place is changing, and fast, I like it now.

I am not going on a this is not financial advice bs post, but I do see value in buying in now, just sell high and buy low, do not be a sucker and stay locked in, bet a few on here have regrets for that!

Anyway, if it keeps going this way, going to buy some more steem!

There are some heroes on here, that always support the truth, again not naming names, if you are in the game, you know him or his account anyway.

Top work bro. Now lets get this show on the road again.

Out with the old Ned and in with the new (people with skills with not your agenda)..................

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Now you are talking! Game on.

06.12.2019 23:44

Get your A game on bro, before I Buy everything lol.

06.12.2019 23:45

Ok, you've had your fun, now what have you done with shepz1?

07.12.2019 00:11

LOL tis me bro, change is in the wind, an stinc aint got no say in it bro.

07.12.2019 00:28

I don't necessarily agree with the women and politics part, but it's cool to see another person who I consider to be a very honest and straight forward person who has also been a significant skeptic/critic saying some positive things about steem.

I've been feeling more positive about it as well, though I definitely still wonder sometimes... Will we ever even see steem at $1 again? I hope so, I hope this places makes a comeback cause I see a ton of potential here to help make the world a better place.

07.12.2019 00:15

I think I was once a bit of a dick to you, so appreciate you taking the time to comment more than most, as it shows a huge amount of respect is owed back to you.

I can if you want prove factually how poli-ticians use women, to gain what I said.

But again, thanks for the comment, You are a top gent, and a hard working one too, that does interesting things, not my things, but in life it takes all kinds to keep it all ticking along.

07.12.2019 00:33

Were you being a dick again? I really am starting to think you are a trans-robot...

07.12.2019 00:56

I told you I was, so I am, you got learning disabilities or what? By the way, there are no benefits for saying you are, except certain death!


07.12.2019 01:03

What are you trying to say?

07.12.2019 01:17

Ignore that punk he's from Poland...

07.12.2019 01:19

England, but I escaped. :-)

07.12.2019 09:41

I appreciate that you appreciate that I took the time to comment.
What had happened was that you said I didn't visit your page often enough so you were unfollowing me. And that's fine, I've removed people I don't connect with either. I had tried to express to you that I was too busy to visit peoples pages regularly, and I still am... I try to visit a few peoples pages who I connect really well with from time to time but I'm pretty bad at it, and admittedly spend more time working on trying to put out useful artwork or content or information than I do with the socializing part and perhaps that's part of my problem, but... I just am overwhelmed with all the different people who would like to talk with me and I can't ever keep up with the messages and I'm not even that popular, lol.

But yeah, I know... I've had other people dislike it when I don't respond to their message in like a month or don't give them more of myself as well, so I apologize I just as I said before can not keep up with it all.

In regard to the politicians using women, I wasn't denying that that happens at all in the world. I'm just not sure it's being used in this case with steemit.

You're welcome for the comment, thank you for the nice words. You seem like a top gent and hard worker as well who does interesting things. :D And I do think we have some common interests there to help others, outside of that I'm not sure how much but I do think we have some common ground there.

07.12.2019 01:56

I think and hope that 2020 will bring a better vision, but I really do not see it coming from Steemit.inc. They spent most of 2019 talking about Communities and about SMT's. Yesterday, the communities beta site was opened, for a little bit to everyone, it seems to be closed again as I could not get back in, but when it does get running we may see some changes. I am still not sure they will be good changes, but perhaps enough change to push people to a more decentralized thinking than has really been shown in the past. I am sure it will take time, but it will be nice to see what some of the larger communities in a years time did.

It will also be nice to see when some of the larger dAPP players start to wrest witness control away from steemit.inc and start to put forward their own HF change request to the steem block chain protocol.

07.12.2019 01:15

Lets just forget about those clowns and post madcore shit

07.12.2019 01:22

Now that is a funny picture. Yep people need to just post what they want and not worry so much if some bozo thinks it's a shit post. More fun needed, more entertainment.

07.12.2019 01:48

01.01.2020 21:58

There are alternatives now, and no need to log in on stinc, check them out my friend, some great ways to blog also, with different fonts and things.
Not doing steemit politics, old ground, been down that slippery road before.

07.12.2019 09:43

Agreed, one of the best choices was never leaving this place to the same old gang. Yay!

07.12.2019 01:27

People make great things, and other people improve it. I am seeing the latter for sure.

07.12.2019 09:44

Yes the people have taken the lead over stinc and steem seems to on the improve thanks to the many dedicated non stinc people👍

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07.12.2019 02:34

At least they got their name right :)

07.12.2019 03:13

Lol 🤣

07.12.2019 10:42

I am watching with a smile, all the ordinary people making great apps, dapps, call them what you will. Games, and not dice rip offs. And very much liking what I see. True innovation comes from ordinary people, with extraordinary visions.

In them I trust.

07.12.2019 09:41


07.12.2019 02:46

Now that is a superb tag, run with it my friend.

07.12.2019 09:45

It's getting more crowded , more sort's of people do join , saw a proclaimed anarchy communist trolling around the comments , how cute , such a deluded and lost creature wondering around in the Steemit woods , i gave it some crumbs and showed it the way to the silk road it obviously was looking for . Yep , Steemit has changed , lot's of the happy people starting to connect . Let the fun start ;-)

07.12.2019 10:10

Great to see you still here, and could not agree more if I tried. :-)

07.12.2019 13:59

Was afraid you would vanish like some other good old dude did , glad you didn't , it's not just your posts , it's al things that go on in the comments section of your posts to . Without any form of leading your account managed to gather a lot of good open minded people that have fun arguments and discussions on topics surrounding your posts .
I might even say , you have become a spot in a network , pulling it will break many connections, for the sake of mankind , i forbid thou to leave . ;-)

08.12.2019 13:16

You just gave me a huge gift of a huge smile on my face, thank you my friend, thank you very much. :-)

08.12.2019 14:18

an interesting post :) that being said - it's great to see your views and positivity on the up and coming ever evolving platform, we've noticed quality well made content is making a comeback, I've even restarted encouraging other automotive youtubers you join, keep it real man.

07.12.2019 10:13

Great work, and always good to see you too.

07.12.2019 14:00

Hey dude, good to see the optimism .. I've also noticed a more positive buzz and hive of activity of late. Good to see people knuckling down, getting shit done and not waiting for it to happen. For all the crap, there is also much goodwill on here and lots of people that want to see it succeed .. and that can be a powerful force. You back on discord yet? I'm locked out but should be back soon!

07.12.2019 13:02

Got to be in it to win it my friend. I feel positive about this place now, some superb people on here once you take no note of the attention seeking crowd.
I can pop on disco anytime, just give me the nod, my old laptop is up and running and only a few seconds to hook up. (that has my disco log in on it) :-)

As always a pleasure to talk to you.

07.12.2019 14:02

A lot of the haters have bailed out this year which is good to see. I'm not saying that we all need to agree or get along but there were people deliberately driving people out and damaging steem which is stupid for people who held a lot of steem themselves. The positivity is from people trying to improve the place and make it better going forward.

People will always argue which is fine and a lot of the time entertaining but we need to be looking long term and how we can keep users and get more in through he apps and make people want to buy in. We all hold STEEM so the more people here the better.

i personally like what Eli has brought to the table as even with a smaller team they have been cranking out some development compared to when Ned was just posing for the cameras and the place was going down the shitter. As least she knows business and is helping to make improvements.

07.12.2019 16:13

Yes that bully mindset was a big problem on here, at least they mostly all of them, sold up.

Disagreements are normal, how we deal with them is a different matter, and it would be a boring world if everyone liked the same things, and agreed on everything.

Well it seems with Ned no longer playing his guitar on here, and sacking staff at xmas, we at least do not have to see his ugly mug anymore, so a women up front is better than him by a million miles, and the new team do seem to be doing something, rather than nothing at all.

07.12.2019 20:42

Am a subscriber to my cliche:

better to make a mistaken decision, than to not make a decision at all.

A mistake can be corrected and it can teach.

Making no decision is just another form of surrender.

hmmm... I'd rather end off with some more pretentious wise words:

when you win
you are
who you want to be

Other times
when you lose
you are
who others
want you to be

It is then
who you are
meant to be

Do you care enough
to fight to be
or are you become
what they
made of you?

(Do me a favour and pretend this comment was not from me - thanks)

09.12.2019 02:49


10.12.2019 13:09

I came back to this older post as it seems to be more relevant to what I want to ask.

Have you heard of this - and do you think it is real?


If true, I imagine it should bring many changes.

13.12.2019 01:52

Yes it is in progress I think.

13.12.2019 16:30

I really like your optimistic view @shepz1 :)

13.12.2019 16:12

Someone has to drive the price up. :-)

13.12.2019 16:29