Mystery and confusion

After several findings and Darwin couldn't come up with a vital theory about the existence of life, he called it a mystery. What actually is a mystery and does mystery just occur with no factor behind it? To whatever scientist couldn't explain , they tagged it a mystery but find it difficult to accept the existence of a creator. Mysterious events happen each day in our circular activities, in healthcare and in our dealings with challenges and may easily considered a coincidence when no scientific prove is found.

Some great mystery are How bones are form in a baby inside the womb of it mother, How birds understands season, how babies learn to understand foreign tribes ,how brain stores information and how age depreciates a man etc. All these are miracle even though scientist has made an attempt to describe some of the process. Little Daisy suffering from cancer fell from a tree, and assumed dead, amazed by the doctors and her parents after examination to discovered she was not only alive but her cancer healed. When little Daisy was asked how it happened, it became more unbelievable and brought in confusion as she described how she found herself in a beautiful garden after the fall with her body lying death on the other side . A man assumed to be her creator had came to her and assured her of healing and a second life and that's how everything about her got transformed.

The stories became so hard , because it looks impossible but then there was an evidence of her healing , in fail attempt to find out the cause behind her new healthy state, a series of coin theory were put in place to cover up the place of divine works.


Miracle happens everyday, how the system of our body had programmed itself to Carry out activities with no human intervention or computer programming is one thing scientist haven't got an answer to and it still a mystery and a confusion to science. The areas of robotics comes in to replace divine works by making machines with artificial intelligence and being automated.

From my age 1 to age 12 , I was told I suffered from an illness that almost claimed my life, medicine failed, and it kept failing. The area of science became fruitless but then without the use of medicine, I gained by healing going on 13 at that time. Miracle happens everyday and in everything, we meet with friends, gain new knowledge, denied certain things, gain certain things but in them all, there's a drive bringing things to existence.

There is a creator, who's all knowing whose work is mysterious above human comprehension, His ways are not the ways of men and brings impossibility into a state of possibility, the same creator is whom scientist deny of his truth and existence. If scientist were all knowing, then most of them wouldn't have died, they may have created a device that extends man's survival but then, they also suffer from death. Where actually they go after death is another mystery that no human knows. Life is a mystery, until that mystery is unveil human race keep living in confusion.

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