People say change is constant, but then what if a man is satisfied with his present state? Or What if we give no room for learning? Or what if we don't realize we need a change? Most times when we speak of change, we look at the next person when actually change starts from us. The most difficult aspect of change is having the knowledge on what is to be changed, how it would be changed and to whom the change is applicable to. We assume State of self perfection, little do we evaluate our lifes on where we are at present, where are we going and when we would know we have gotten there. A change starts with a decision from the heart accompanied by a drive to make it come true.


As a man thinks, so he is. This shows a clear description where a change begins, until our thoughts are changed, we remain as we are, so change doesn't begin from the outside but from the inside. Until our inner man is changed, we still suffer from our old selves. As the inner man change, it brings an outer transformation which relates the new man. Our attitude makes us who we are and we are judge by it. It's as easy as A B C D to say "I will change" but it requires more than just proclamation of words to make it come into reality.

Changes come in two dimensions, either changing for the better or changing for the worst. It requires "doing nothing" to change for the worst but it requires 'doing everything" to change for the better. This shows changing for the better comes with a sacrifice and personal discipline.

It was a good start when our current president of Nigeria introduced the 'Change slogan, and it started pretty well by trying to push out corruption only to have roadblocks and a terrain along this pursue, it's more like a one man's fight over millions of people across the country. This terrains are faced even in our personal decisions to change for the better, we miss our comfort zone and sometimes we feel like going back the old ways and other times , it becomes boring but then if only we strive on, the reward awaits shortly after it all.

As a country, the one change we need to perfect is UNITY Among ourselves, because United we stand and divided we fall, many hearts connected as one could bring change so swiftly than one heart fighting for change with all that he got. Nelson Mandela fought for a change, Martin Luther King Jr fought for change, Sir Winston Churchill fought for change, Corrie ten boom fought for change, John f. Kennedy fought for change, Ronald Reagan fought for change, Mother Teresa did the same and one thing led to their success- THEY HAD A DREAM AND THEIR THOUGHTS WERE BUILT AROUND IT . So as you think, so shall you be.

Finally, change comes from willingness to learn, and it's a continuous process because we can never be perfect.

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