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SUMMARY of Steemit Crypto Academy Season 6 Week 3 : Crypto Trading by Identifying Support and Resistance

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Hello dear Steemians,

I'm pleased to report that the 3rd week of Steemit Crypto Academy Season 6, which ran from March 7 to March 12, 2022, was successfully completed. This week was a little different from previous seasons due to the new changes in the Steemit Crypto Academy Season 6. This time around, all of the courses offered by academy professors are focused on cryptocurrency trading. I'd like to thank the 81 students who worked extremely hard this week to finish the assignment and receive the highest grades possible by submitting their homework assignments. This is an exciting season, and we've had a lot of students join us to learn more about cryptocurrency trading.


Grade | Comment
------ | ------
0 - 4.9 | plagiarized, invalid, or below average
5 - 5.9 | average
6 - 6.9 | above average
7 - 7.9 | good
8 - 8.9 | very good
9 - 9.9 | excellent
10 | perfect

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Marks Range No. Of Entries
Below Average/Plagiarized 1
5 -5.9 3
6- 6.9 5
7- 7.9 25
8- 8.9 31
9- 9.9 13
10 3
TOTAL= 81 entries.
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The topic for Week 3: Crypto Trading by Identifying Support and Resistance

  • Introduction of Support & Resistance.
  • How to draw different types of Support & Resistance and the Details.
  • Market breakout & Trading Opportunity.
  • Confirmation With RSI Indicator.
  • Identifying Entry Using Support & Resistance.
  • Limitations of Support & Resistance (false breakout).
  • Conclusion.

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Homework Questions:

  • What is the Support & Resistance zone?
  • Explain different types of Support & resistance with proper demonstration.
  • Identify The False & Successful Breakouts. (demonstrate with screenshots)
  • Use Volume and RSI Indicator Combined with Breakouts & Identify the Entry Point. (demonstrate with screenshots).
  • Take a Real Trade(crypto pair) on Your Account After a Successful Breakout. (transaction screenshot required).
  • Explain the Limitations of Support & Resistance (false breakout).
  • Conclusion.
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- The students completed this week's lesson successfully. This course had a total of 81 students who took part in it. Perhaps this is one of the most popular courses.

- Students, in my opinion, need more hands-on experience with various types of support and resistance. Despite the fact that the majority of the students had written very well in their own words.

- Some students did not correctly identify the entry and exit points by identifying the Support and Resistance. They should conduct more research and practice before entering a live trade.

- While some students wrote well, their presentation (markdowns, adding sources, spelling, and so on) was poor. As a result, they received lower grades.

- When I see errors in a student's homework, I try to assist them so that they do not repeat the error.

- A few students have had problems with their club status. Before doing any homework, I believe they should check their club status. I'm hoping they'll be more cautious.

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Best of luck in your future Academy lessons, and I hope that everyone will correct any mistakes made in previous lessons and move forward responsibly and professionally. Because this season's theme is trading, I have high hopes for the students who will compete in the trading competition. Congratulations in advance to all. Also, I'm inviting everyone to join my team in the third-week trading competition. Thanks.


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