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Home Work Task of Tron Fan Club Tutorial || By @shemul21

Hello, dear steemians,

I'm very glad to participate in this homework task arranged by Professor @engrsayful. This is my first post on the Tron Fan Club. Before my participation, I read all the posts and learned a lot. So let's start.

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Q1: Why and How Steemit Users are getting TRX?

STEEM Blockchain's native token is STEEM, and TRON Blockchain's native token is TRX. At the start of our steem blockchain, steemit users were given only steem and steam power. In the year 2020, they began to give users an extra bonus trx by integrating trx with Steem. So, as a steemian, we are getting bonus TRX tokens for performing all of the normal tasks like blogging here on steemit.

steemtrx.pngImage Source

The author who writes a post on Steemit and the curator who votes on the posts are both getting rewards here. The author gets a 50% reward as SBD and a 50% reward as SP. But the curator gets the entire reward in SP. After the integration with TRON, we are also getting TRX in proportion to the amount of Steam Power.

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Q2: How can you create a TRON account?

When Tron is integrated with the Steemit platform, users who register their account will receive a TRON wallet address as a security tool for their steemit account. TRON accounts can be created in a variety of ways. We can easily create a TRON account on steemit by following the below steps.

Step1: First of all, I've signed in to my steemit wallet using my private active key. Here it's showing my TRX amount, TRX address, and two options that are:

  • Create new Tron Account
  • Link an existing Tron Account

To create a new Tron Account, I've to select the first one as seen in the above screenshot.

Step2: By clicking in Create new Tron Account we'll get a pop-up window like the below screenshot.


Here I've to click on the Create and Download option to complete the account creation. But I already have created an account. So I'm skipping it.

Step3: I skipped but this is how a new user can create a Tron Account. After clicking on the Create and Download, it'll generate a PDF file where we'll get the Public and Private Key. It's always recommended to store the Private Keys in a very secure place.


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Q3: How can link your existing TRON account with STEEMIT?

The TRX tokens we receive as a bonus with SBD and SP for every post. It is mandatory to link a Tron account for further use of these tokens. Let's see how to link the TRON account with STEEMIT.

Step1: After signing in to my steemit wallet, I've copied the public key and clicked on LINK AN EXISTING TRON ACCOUNT like the below screenshot.


Step2: Here I got a pop-up window with a confirm button. And I clicked on the button.


Step3: A new window opened and I'm asked to fill an empty box with the public key(TRON account address) that I copied in the first step. I entered and clicked on confirm.


Step4: At last, I got another pop-up window with an empty box where I had to enter my private active key and clicked on the Confirm button.


This is how we can link our existing TRON account with STEEMIT. It's really a very easy method.

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Q4: Explain Mining System of TRON blockchain.

Before posting any data to the blockchain ledger, a group of people must contribute to data verification in the blockchain system who are called miners. Generally, mining can be done in three ways that are:

  • Proof of Work (PoW)
  • Proof of Stake (PoS)
  • Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)

Tron Blockchain uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to validate transactions. Ordinary users can not get the chance to mine tokens directly in the Tron blockchain. Only the 27 Super Representatives with the most tokens are eligible to participate in the mining process every 6 hours. But there is an alternative opportunity for ordinary users to participate in the mining process by voting for the Super Representatives. It is very similar to the SP delegation process on Steemit.

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Q5: How many TRX will be given to a SR for 6 hours mining?

The Super Representatives will receive TRX tokens as rewards from Block Production Rewards and Voting Rewards within 6 hours of mining. In the Tron blockchain, one block is generated every three seconds.

Block Production Rewards:

16 TRX per block is given as Block Production Rewards. The Super Representatives who participated in block production during that time period received 20% of the rewards, while the voters who voted for the Super Representatives received 80%.

Total blocks produced in 6 hours = {(60×60×6)/3} blocks = 7200 blocks

Total TRX = (16 × 7200) TRX = 115200 TRX

SR will get 20% of 115200 TRX = 23040 TRX

Each SR will get = (23040/27) TRX = 853.33 TRX

Voting Reward:

This reward is given to those who have staked TRX and voted for Witnesses. The reward ratio is the same for both rewards, 20% and 80%. The reward for a single block is 160 TRX, which is generated every three seconds. 20% is given to the first 127 witnesses, which is split between 27 Super Representatives and 100 partners. The remaining 80% goes to the voters who chose SRs and Partners.

Total blocks produced in 6 hours = {(60×60×6)/3} blocks = 7200 blocks

Total TRX = (160 × 7200) TRX = 1152000 TRX

SR and Partners will get 20% of 1152000 TRX = 230400 TRX

Each SR and Partners will get = (230400/127) TRX = 1814.17 TRX

In total a SR will get = (853.33+1814.17) TRX = 2667.50 TRX for 6 hours mining.

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I've tried to answer all the questions with my own understanding. The lectures are very informative and educative. I want to thank Professor @engrsayful for sharing his knowledge with us. Keep steeming, thanks to all.


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