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Reminiscing our tagaytay getaway together with my friends

Hello everyone 😊
Today , As i was scrolling on my photos , i saw those pictures that i have'nt yet uploaded on my social media account , so i decided to make a short story about our getaway in tagaytay last year with my friends . So yeah. Here i go .. 😊😊

Last year (november 1,2018) we decideD to go up to tagaytay to spend the holiday.To hang out ,chill and relax on that day . And we planned to go inside the skyranch viewdeck . So here we go.
On our way to tagaytay with my friends .

After how many hour and long drive from manila to tagaytay.and here we came ...

When we are at the place of tagaytay . First stop , we check -in in SMDC hotel .We put our things on the room where we check-in .

So we are now inside the hotel and here are some of the views from our room.

And for now , we buy a ticket to go inside the skyranch

And finally here , after that , we seperated already with my friends and they took pictures on their own .

So yeah' . And ofcourse i take pictures also of mine . Haha . We know that that every part of place we didnt want to lose the moment to take our own picture . Right ? Haha. But excuse my hair . I dont have time to fixed my hair on that time .

On that day , we did not ride those rides because it rained on that time so we just decided to take some pictures of us and after that....

All are hungry , Time to ate . They said that if you go to tagaytay , dont missed the time to go the bulalo point .We all know the the trip here ,planned or spontaneous is never complete without indulging in one of our best favorite
Comfort food the BULALO

One of the most popular in tagaytay.

Here are some of our orders

Before we eat , take some picture as usual . Hehe..

After we finished our dinner ,we scroll and find some store near in our hotel to buy some drinks and foods.

So here are those drinks and food we bought

When we arrived at the hotel i felt tired ,i had to relax and lie down for a while .
Same also of my friends they also rest
After resting , those drinks we buy at the store we drinks at that night .

It was so funny . You know what they called this drinks was ?Its Bluejob.. Haha. Nothing i just get fun . Lol

The weather is not good on that time .
The rain didnt stopped yet since when we on our way up until we returned to our hotel its still raining and its foggy

On that night . After we finished our drinks , we have fallen asleep because all are drunk.

In the morning...
When i got up i was up and brewed
Also they got up and breathed ..
A few minuter later ...

Everybody just rested shortly...

Time to packed up .Everybody washed and dressed . All are done . Time to check out and get back to manila .

Then we'll check out ,...
we eat at this restaurant

And i ordered pork chopped ..

And it was so ...

To cut now my story , thats all what happened in our trip and stayed for 1 day in tagaytay .
.... You may also visit tagaytay with your friends hang out and also with your family . Its relaxing and at the same time its enjoying . Till my next travel . Haha😁

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