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Finally after so many years I took out my barbies dolls that I played as a child, many are intact and I have decided to give them to my daughter Avril and more other barbies that their aunts from New York have sent them Avril has added a large amount of barbies, She really is very happy and because there are many dolls and little costumes, we discover that we need barbie clothes.

Avril is opening the initiative of wanting to make the doll dresses, an idea that I thought was great but what I did take into account is that she is small to control a needle, my daughter is 7 years old and I said no we could make something to dress your barbies but without risk of pricking, how?

We took a sock of the girl when she was younger and created a beautiful white set for barbie.

lazo rosado2.jpg

Materials to use:

  • A sock
  • Scissors
  • A barbie doll
Sin título-1.jpg

We place the sock and look at its shape, where the waist and shape of the skirt would be better with the ornament that brings down and where the top part that is wider, the bottom part of the sock would be better.

1.- Then we proceed to cut where the

skirt goes, right the cut.

2.- We will then cut where the blouse
goes the part of the fingers of the sock.

3.- And finally we cut where the arms
and neck go we can make it round or in V.

Sin título-2.jpg

In this way Avril could already know a little and have an idea about what a pattern is, and then I will show her the sewing, little by little, she was very happy with her first barbie dress.

Sin título-3.jpg
lazo rosado.jpg

So our doll is dressed today, I hope you liked it, Happy Monday from #needleworkmonday


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This is MAGICAL, @sheilamenher! :D Really wonderful and I love the result, it is such a pretty, pretty dress ____

Love this post so much! I shared it also at Twitter :D For OCD external curation efforts :D

22.10.2019 01:58

Thank you very much @veryspider for the support, it is a good idea to teach girls.

22.10.2019 16:56


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mmmmmm!!!!! thank you

22.10.2019 16:56

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22.10.2019 02:47

Awww this is super cute :) The white dress outfit turned out great, and your daughter looks really happy :)

22.10.2019 03:10

this way she will learn to take care of it more than she did it lol, thank you

22.10.2019 16:57

The barbie looks really sophisticated with the dress! But the sock was cute, too ;)

If you have good imagination, great result can come from little things - have a !BEER

22.10.2019 09:48

thanks @muscara
the sock was small and I always saw one so I could never put them lol

22.10.2019 16:59

Nice recycling of the sock. And a good way to introduce making things.

22.10.2019 22:03

thank you
this is how to start little by little, thanks for coming friend

24.10.2019 14:26

Thank you this is how
To start little by little,
Thanks for coming friend

                 - sheilamenher

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24.10.2019 14:26

This is just absolutely Brilliant @sheilamenher!! What a fabulous idea to teach beginning sewing and pattern making skills to your daughter in a safe way. The dress turned out fabulous! Who would of known a sock could be turned into such a masterpiece?!! Thanks for sharing ~

22.10.2019 23:07

it was great to share this with the girl, thanks @crosheille

24.10.2019 14:29

que hermoso vestido tiene tu muñequita,

22.10.2019 23:16

thank you friend ;)

24.10.2019 14:29

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thank you @neddleworkmonday great team of steemit :)

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25.10.2019 04:52

thank you

25.10.2019 13:05