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Hello, how are you my dear friends, we are finally on Christmas holidays, as I longed for them! After some job orders, my mother-in-law was about to go to Chile to spend Christmas with my sister-in-law and my stepdaughter who have already lived there for three years, following the terrible circumstances of the Venezuelan economy, and neither was my mother-in-law As much money as to travel and buy gifts for everyone, she asked me to put a Christmas design on each children's t-shirt.

Well, I have experienced very little with embroidery applique, I had the idea of ​​how they should be done, one that I made a very cute elephant that I shared here, but this time they will be for Christmas reasons, I have 4 designs to show and I will be publishing progressively until Christmas, I hope everything goes well and I like the sequence.

My first design was a tie, which is for my nephew Gabriel who is no longer as a child is 14 years old and for that reason I chose to make a Christmas tie that symbolizes Santa Claus.



First we must have the appropriate fabrics for the elaboration of these figures, we use red and black drill and a beautiful golden thread to represent the buckle of the santa belt, clear but with a tie, very funny.

After having our fabrics at hand, we are going to place the flannel on the frame, in this case it is a big boy flannel size 14, we put a large frame of 25 cm, since our tie is 18 cm high.


It should begin to be carried out according to how we have done the previous design on the computer with the Wilcom program, apply them it is to place the fabric and trim where the stitch runs and cut the entire edge of the fabric without breaking inside and then it is covered with a nice edge made in plumetis stitch that covers everything that stands out of the fabric when cutting, giving a better finish to the figure, it is called apply because it is to glue or sew fabric on fabric, of course but placing beautiful drawings and whatever we want. Let's see how is the idea of ​​what I just told you. We use red cloth material:


We use black cloth



On it a beautiful metallic gold thread to give the touch of the belt and ready we will have our beautiful Santa tie on Gabriel's shirt, which will be an excellent gift for him, it is serious and does not have a name like those normally for babies.


It is a great idea for this Christmas, make beautiful appliques for t-shirts, I have enjoyed it a lot and now I want to do more, come and stay with me and continue to see how to make Christmas appliques, I wait for you

Merry Christmas holidays for everyone

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