Spider Time 🐞 Butterfly Day Insect Pub


Spider on the outside of
my window that needs cleaning.


She looked so good with
the blue sky and tree of
many faces.


There was a old poem somewhere
about a lady who swallowed a fly
and thought she'd die.

She then swallowed a spider
to catch the fly.

List goes on...


Water of life.


One to eight.

Some effects made
with Lunapic
Double clicking the
photos enlarges them
to see better.

#butterflyday & #insectpub
by @whatisnew

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Photos & words by @shasta Aug 25th 2019 1:11 AM O'rock Alaska

Comments 17

maybe if the window was cleaner the spider would not have visited

25.08.2019 09:50

So true lol, some windows remain like that for the
spiders to catch some those mosquitos and it helps
the birds see the windows better. Side higher
window can deal with the dirt, tho I clean my big
moose window often lol :-)

25.08.2019 10:06

WellI can see why you would clean the Moose window, My windows need a clean as well but I will put that off to next weekend LOL

25.08.2019 10:38

Dandy shot :-)

25.08.2019 13:29

Thank you @manorvillemike! She was handy :-)

31.08.2019 00:59

That’s a fine looking spider, Shasta!

25.08.2019 13:48

Thank you @redheadpei! :-) Was nice and
fine that she stayed outside! lol

31.08.2019 01:01

Love your wonderfully creative post @shasta This is the type of blog that would be very suitable for the @creativecoin contest organized by @isaria. Check it out.

26.08.2019 02:09

Thank you @trudeehunter! I've seen the first name a few
times on some of my posts, didn't see they had contests too!
So much to do around here huh! lol :-)

31.08.2019 03:33

Fantastic spider shot! I love all her different digital poses!

26.08.2019 20:09

Thank you @melinda010100! I like how the ripple one
looks like she is throwing a ball in the water pattern! :-)

31.08.2019 03:35

I am petrified of spiders and I don't even like to look at them, but I will make an exception for you @shasta! I would have screamed if I saw that spider on my window. Yikes! A fly is bad enough but I would surely die if I ever swallowed a spider. I hope I don't have nightmares tonight. Thanks for using #butterflyday and #insectpub tags @shasta! : )

27.08.2019 05:53

Thank you so much ❀ @whatisnew! I wonder if it had pretty colors
like ladybugs or butterflies if it would be less scary? I don't really
like spiders to close, far away is fine lol I'm slowly catching up
here, there has been a lot of smoke from the fires as thick as
fog here. It is finely raining right now! :-) Much love my friend!

31.08.2019 03:53

No amount of pretty colors would make me like spiders.

Oh, no...there were fires where you live? I hope the fires are out and didn't do too much damage. I am so sorry to hear about that. Please let me know that you are OK. Much love right back at ya @shasta! HUGS!

04.09.2019 04:00

Swan lake fire has been going on since about mid June.
It is now burned 160 thousand acres, 29% contained.
That would be the towns of Sterling and Cooper Landing
being protected.
The smoke was like thick fog last week! I'm very behind
posting those lol All is fine now some rain cleared the
air somewhat. Fires still going through out the state.
Hugs to you ❀ @whatisnew! :-)

04.09.2019 04:55

OMG! I just finished watching the video and reading the info you sent. 160 thousand acres!!! I can't wrap my head around that. Sooooo sad! I am glad that you are OK and that the rain helped some. You all will be in my prayers and thanks for letting me know. Much love and HUGS! @shasta!

04.09.2019 05:33