Fridays Rock 💎 Number 29


Happy Fridays Rock!

Acquired many moons ago.
In a land far away.


From a rock shop in
northern California.
¾'' inch wide dime for scale.


Crystals all over and inside
this nice sized stone.


Blue lobelias in the background.


Imagine walking through a
forest of giant crystals


Naica Mexico crystal cave


Rocks rule and boulders roll
now for some rock and roll!

The Moody Blues • Nights In White Satin
Little River Band • Cool Change
Gary Wright • DreamWeaver

I wonder if there is a little
rock climber on the side.
Might just be some dust lol

Some effects made
with Lunapic
Double clicking the
photos enlarges them
to see better.

#fridaysrock by @nat-expressions
Curated by @shasta

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Photos & words by @shasta Aug 2nd 2019 8:30 PM O'rock Alaska

Comments 12

Nice rock! This is raw crystal with lots of energy!

03.08.2019 04:40

Thank you @kaminchan! This one sometimes needs to
be kept under wraps its so strong! :-)

04.08.2019 06:53

Wonderful photos of that interesting rock! The water edit really brings it to life.

03.08.2019 13:45

Thank you @melinda010100! Wouldn't it be cool to
have a indoor water feature with the pretty rocks all
around! :-)

04.08.2019 06:54

That would be a fun way to display them, and there are certainly many that look prettier when they are wet.

04.08.2019 17:45

Especially the agates, like to put them in a frame with
both sides glass with some silicone and put the rocks
and water in, then hang in a window, how's that sound? :-)

06.08.2019 05:57

Oh, I can only imagine how beautiful that would be!

06.08.2019 13:05

What a cool rock you have such interesting ones

04.08.2019 01:16

Thank you @tattoodjay! I've been going through some
boxes of them today looking for one that @janton wanted
to see. Found a bunch of other stones I'd forgotten about,
but didn't find this one I'm looking for. Indoor rock hunt! lol :-)

04.08.2019 06:56

Most welcome I am sure you will find it most likely in the very last place you will look that happens to me so many times lol 😂

04.08.2019 18:45

You got that right! I will let you know when and where it is found lol

06.08.2019 05:56

Good luck finding it

06.08.2019 09:05