Use Of Black Box In Your Car Accident Case

Like planes, some cars are installed with black boxes that record all relevant information related to crashes and accidents.
If you have suffered injuries after an accident, you will be required to provide proof of negligence to get compensated. There is a high probability that your vehicle and the other driver are equipped with a black box. If this is so, then you may stand an excellent chance to win your personal injury case.

 What Is A Black Box And What Does It Show?

 A black box, a also referred to as an event data recorder is a device installed in vehicles to pick up information related to car accidents. If your car had a black box at the time of the accident, this might be a useful tool to help you recover from injuries suffered. For many drivers, a black box seems to be an affordable option due to the reduced insurance. Such drivers get significant reductions in their insurance costs when they drive their vehicles well. However, if you drive your vehicle well, another driver may be careless enough to lead to your accident. When that happens, you can only find Alaska car accident attorney to help you get over the turmoil of going over the scary moments. While the black box will not record any video footage during your car accident, it possible to give information about:

  • Your braking patterns
  • Steering wheel direction
  • Track driving- It can prove you were driving at the required speed
  • Tire pressure
     The above can be used to show that indeed you are not to blame for the accident. The same process may be carried out to the other driver to establish whether they were driving carelessly to cause your accident. Nevertheless, whether your car has been installed with a black box or not, you can secure your financial recovery if you find Alaska car accident attorney.

 Why Look For An Attorney?
 If you have suffered injuries after a car accident, the only optimal choice is to find best Wasilla accident attorneys to evaluate your case. An experienced lawyer can help utilize all the information available in the black box to determine liability. The truth is that with self-representation, the other driver may be unwilling to provide the information in their black box; your lawyer may be forced to apply legal pressure to get the information which will help prove liability in your car accident by proving:

  • The law required the other driver to be reasonably careful when driving their vehicle.
  • The at-fault driver never exercised reasonable care or was not careful enough to avoid causing you injuries.
  • You suffered injuries, or your car was damaged.
    Besides the above, your lawyer will review all the relevant data in the black box for both vehicles to check for signs that could show the other driver is to be blamed for your injuries or losses. For instance, the information collected may show that the other driver was speeding or never applied breaks to stop to give right of way at a traffic-controlled intersection.   
     Conversely, if the information in your black box indicated you are partly to blame, your lawyer can assist you on how to obtain compensation through pure comparative negligence. Meaning, you will not be barred from getting compensation, but you will receive such according to the percentage you contributed to the accident.
    The bottom line is that the key to a successful claim is to find best Wasilla accident attorneys to help you obtain the needed evidence. It’s the only way to ensure you receive the financial recovery you deserve.

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