Do I Need To Report A Minor Motorcycle Accident?

Some motorcycle accidents are minor and don’t cause injuries to the motorcyclist. In such a situation, you may wonder whether you need to file a report to law enforcement. The answer to your question may largely depend on your case facts and whether there is any information regarding such in your state.
Contractually, every insurance company requires that the insured report any accident even if they deem it minor. If you have been involved in a minor motorcycle accident, you may use the below guide to know whether it's vital to report your accident.
 Why Should I Report A Minor Motorcycle Accident?
 The idea that one can escape without injuries after a motorcycle accident is common to many motorists. Such don’t seek medical attention, only to realize afterward that their suffered injuries. The only time you may find it reasonable no to report a motorcycle accident is when you are double sure no injuries or property damage, and you don't have any dispute with another driver. Reporting a motorcycle accident can help in many ways. Some of these include:

  • You stand a chance to protect your health. Some of the injuries suffered after an accident takes time to appear. If your motorcycle accident was minor such that you suffered minor injuries, you should not assume reporting the accident. If you contact Alaska motorcycle accident lawyer, he/she will tell you minor injuries may become serious because adrenaline may have played a part and covered your injuries. Days or weeks later, many injuries such as soft injuries may start showing symptoms. If you never reported your accident, this may be one big mistake to jeopardize your health.
  • Details in police report. The police report may include information you may be aware of and could be used in case of a lawsuit. If your accident involved a minor collision with a vehicle, the other driver might assume that an accident never occurred. Without a report to show, you may not have any legal recourse against the motorist. Such cases are common in no-contact motorcycle accidents where motorist negligence can cause you to crash without any collision.
    One disadvantage is that if you never reported your motorcycle accident, the insurance company may raise your premiums after having information that you were involved in an accident. It’s highly recommended that in the event of a motorcycle accident, one should contact Alaska motorcycle accident lawyer to seek legal advice on how to go about their case.

 What You Need To Do After A Minor Motorcycle Accident
If you have suffered no or minor injuries after your motorcycle accident and believe someone else is to blame, you may choose to contact Alaska accident attorney. Also, there are certain steps you may take to be legally safe. They include:

  • Take photos: Since you will not be in an emergency state, you can calmly take pictures of the scene; you can look for skid marks or any other information to be used as evidence.
  • Seek prompt medical attention: Even if you don’t feel any pain, you should ensure to visit your doctor and have him/her check for any possibility of injuries that may take time to appear.
  • Don’t admit fault:  The biggest mistake you can make is acknowledging that you could also be at fault. No one likes being inconvenienced in the event of an accident. Anything you say may lead you to become legally responsible for the accident.
  • Get information of the other driver: You may collect the other driver’s name, address and vehicle registration number, or any additional information you may find useful in case of a dispute.
  • Contact Alaska accident attorney: This is one of the best decisions you can make after a minor collision. A good lawyer can tell you that failure to report may bleed up other nasty legal consequences.
    If you are concerned about reporting your minor motorcycle accident, you can first talk to an experienced motorcycle lawyer and understand any legal repercussions.

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