5 Things To Know Before Selecting An EMS Provider


To streamline your electronic manufacturing operations, you can outsource your project to an EMS partner for end-to-end services. An EMS company caters to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to meet the customer demands, control costs, and capitalize on current technological innovations. Electronics manufacturing services partner can help the OEMs with PCB assembly, cable assembly electromechanical assembly, contract design, testing, prototyping, and in some cases, with aftermarket services. 

Choosing the best EMS electronic manufacturing services for your business is a strategic process. You need to assess the experiential history of your provider for reliable services. An EMS partner can help you save time and provide cheap contract electronic assembly solutions, which reduces leads and brings down production costs. Globally, the electronic manufacturing services (EMS) sector was valued at USD 832 billion in 2019 and is estimated to grow to USD 1,055 billion by 2025.

To choose the right EMS partner for your business, you need to consider the following points. 

Know Your Outsourcing Strategy

Primarily, you need to identify your outsourcing strategy before you approach an EMS provider. It would help if you came from a certified manufacturer for better compatibility. It will help you to determine if they will work well with you and your company. You also need to outline the approach your manufacturer will follow for better process integrity. You can talk about the working prospects and the performance you expect them to deliver. Documenting the manufacturing process will help you to monitor the production of the electronic components. 

Assess the Supplier's Business Profile and Customer Service Practices

Customer service is a crucial domain to select a suitable EMS supplier. Define the strategy according to which you would like to work with your manufacturing partner. Do you want to communicate with a single point of contact, or you want to work with a team? You should share your present and future requirements for your supplier. Evaluate your provider's capabilities across three main sections: administrative capabilities, product and process capability, and engineering change order (ECO) capability. You can ask your manufacturer to guide you through these domains to optimize the manufacturing process's speed.

Personality Fit

You are going to rely on your EMS partner for the success of your business. Hence, you must be able to develop confidence in investing your time and resources with your provider. You should create a communicative and strong working relationship with your supplier, and you need to check if their personality fits yours. Depending on your product's requirements and capabilities, you can define the norms of your relationship with your EMS supplier. You can build a tacit relationship where you place the order, and your supplier will process it. Or, you can ask your supplier to give you comprehensive multi-level assistance for each stage of manufacturing and designing, along with prototyping, testing, repair/return, and aftermarket services.

Enterprise Resource Planning Is A Key Capability

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can leverage the electronics manufacturing process. ERP is defined as the ability to deliver an integrated suite of business applications. You can ask your supplier to integrate the automated ERP system to assess several accounting, project management, risk management, and compliance activities. 

Buy on Total Acquisition Cost, Not Just Price

Before you outsource your project to an EMS supplier, you need to ensure that you focus on total acquisition cost besides the selling price. The total acquisition cost also assigns value to additional factors like working compatibility with a supplier. It takes care of miscellaneous attributes, including distribution, manufacturing, service, and the supply chain.

To Conclude:

An effective electronic manufacturing service will help you develop high-quality products. To select an efficient manufacturer, you need to consider several factors. The factors mentioned above will help an OEM develop a long-term and holistic relationship with the EMS supplier.

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