My promosteem activities 1 |Educating my friends about Steemit | 10% payout to

Hey Everyone, It's the start of another blessed week. I am @shama26 from Pakistan and serving my nation as IT cadre in the Police department . I have seen many promoters who are promoting this wonderful platform to their friends and family I also decided to promote steemit in my circle and to be part of the Great promo steem initiative started by @PromoSteem .I know Steemit always welcome and open to good and creative content creators and learners and also it is operated as social media that’s the best thing about steemit just loved it .

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10% of this payouts to

As the promotional activities are done, there will be direct effect in the increment in steemit members day by day and its great !!!

Whatsapp Group

I just followed my team leader @cryptokraze as he always says ‘Empowering girls’
I started promoting steemit in our Whatsapp Friends group. They are willing to learn Cause they know about blogging . I guide them very accurately and also helped them in account creation, Communities subscriptions, and in verification post creation.

From This group, I got two Steemit members, @anum123 and @ishakhan786 , i helped them individually and still doing as much I can.

Both got verified badges in the newcomer's community and doing very constructive activities, they also got motivated and also bring their sisters, family members, and friends to steemit platform they follow as a promo steem chain with help of our mentor @cryptokraze.

Another Friend joined steemit

She is one of my old friends, she is @ishrat7 is on my contact list so I contacted her and after a formal conversation, I started educating her and guiding her about steemit . She is very innocent, i really appreciate her efforts
She said she doesn’t have an email account I helped her in creating her Gmail account on Wednesday afterward also helped her sign up on steemit and then I guide her about Steemit keys, security, wallet, and its functionalities.

Guide her step by step and also motivate

  • Sign up
  • Write a Blog
  • Polish her writing skills
  • Learn new skills
  • Meet people globally cause steemit is a global exposure
  • Get recognition and rewards
  • Contest Participation makes her more involved and more focused
  • Live a life of purpose cause steemit provides us greater involving and engaging content
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    Tell her about steemit content creation rules and also I do voice calls and voice chat for her better understanding.
    I told her it is a Blockchain Social Platform Where's her Content is Rewarded and she can learn as well.
    I said to her steemit is global blockchain-based blogging and social media website .


    She got verified

    I really appreciate her she posted her achievement post and got verified by @vvarishay and rewarded by sc01.I said her she can freely ask any query about steemit platform I'm there for her Help

    Goals of my promo steem activities

  • To create awareness about steemit
  • Create interest and trust in the ecosystem of steemit

  • Get more people to try this platform
  • Provide information

  • Find and Keep loyal and real content creators
  • Increase usage and identification of steemit over other social media platforms

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    Thank you @arie.steem for this great initiative of Your courage, support, perseverance, and your faithfulness in promoting steemit is really admirable and a progressive part of steemit .
    Let's promote steemit and feel more self-esteem and find right people to this right steem based social media platform

    Thank You Everyone !!!!!!!!

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    This is great effort and I am sure you will do these promo activities in well organized manner.

    CC : @arie.steem

    09.06.2021 09:55

    Sure sir i will follow you and will do more promos. More interested to do such activities .

    09.06.2021 10:11

    Good one keep it up.
    You are doing very well.
    I really like your hard work.

    10.06.2021 03:42

    Yeah sure bro.

    11.06.2021 18:02